BGMEA President urges members to strengthen business capabilities amidst changing dynamics


Faruque Hassan, the President of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), has called upon apparel exporters to boost their business capabilities to adapt to evolving market dynamics.

Speaking at a meeting with BGMEA members of the Chittagong region on December 5, he urged them to adopt a pragmatic approach in business negotiations, planning, and restructuring investments to cope with the emerging challenges.

“While the RMG industry is currently navigating through challenging times, addressing immediate concerns, we must think long-term to stay competitive in the global market,” said Faruque Hassan.

The meeting was attended by BGMEA First Vice President Syed Nazrul Islam, Senior Vice President S. M. Mannan (Kochi), Vice President (Finance) Khandoker Rafiqul Islam, Vice President Md. Nasir Uddin, Vice President Rakibul Alam Chowdhury, former First Vice Presidents S. M. Abu Tayeb and Nasir Uddin Chowdhury, along with Directors of BGMEA.

In his address, Faruque Hassan provided an overview of the current status of the RMG industry, with a focus on the impacts of the global economic situation, challenges associated with implementing new wage structures, and the priorities to maintain industry competitiveness in the long run.

He also mentioned that the industry is going through many challenges including increased cost of production due to the hike in prices of electricity, gas, and bank rates.

Highlighting the recent increase in the minimum wage, Faruque Hassan said the hike aims to ensure a decent livelihood for the industry’s workers. Ensuring well-being means enhancing their productivity, which benefits the industry.

He urged the garment manufacturers to engage in discussions with buyers for a rational increase in prices to support the implementation of the new minimum wage.

“I have already written to our valued buyers, requesting them to adjust prices for orders, considering the standard of living of our workers and inflation,” remarked Faruque Hassan.

He emphasized the importance of fair prices and ethical sourcing for a smooth transition to the new wage scale.

BGMEA is actively collaborating with the government and various stakeholders to support the sustainable development of the RMG industry.

Faruque Hassan called upon the member factories to find innovative ways to optimize costs and invest in technologies to enhance efficiency and reduce waste.

Acknowledging the industry’s current challenges, Faruque Hassan expressed optimism of overcoming them through collective efforts.

“We faced challenges before and emerged even stronger. With our collective efforts, we will be able to overcome all challenges and ensure a brighter future for the industry,” he said.