What Is the Big Shift in Green Clothing Trends?

womenThe fashion industry is a constantly evolving domain that rules the world. The newly emerging social trends have a direct impact on the shifts in fashion trends. Likewise, the rapidly increasing awareness about environmental degradation and global warming has altered the phase of the fashion industry. Magazines like ‘Vogue’ and ‘The New York Times’ are using terms like ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘sustainable’ along with ‘fashion’. This fusion of fashion and sustainability is indicative of the fact that an article of eco-friendly clothing has already become a hot runway trend. What else could be better than being voguish and socially responsible simultaneously? The green clothing trend has become a vital part of the fashion industry globally, either it’s the modest clothing or any other. The innovations and latest shifts in green clothing trends can be summed up as follows:

Reusing or Recycling:

The fashion industry works in a repetitive cycle where it reinvents and renews its old fashion trends after every decade or two. Therefore, this cycle is urging designers to use and recycle the discarded material in their designs. This does not only enable us to get rid of the old materials, but it also consumes less energy to be morphed into a designer’s masterpieces, as producing new cloth is way more energy consuming than recycling. It is more likely to say that the old is becoming the latest new.

The New Material:

The increased scarcity of water has directly affected the production of the cotton crop, which has led to the limitation of cotton cloth production. Moreover, cotton is considered to be releasing 16% of insecticides globally. Many designers and manufacturers are exploring new organic materials for making cloths. For example, some manufacturers are using bamboo, wood pulp (Lyocell), soy and corn to create an eco-friendly alternative of cotton fabric. Likewise, many designers are using traditional dyes to contribute to the effort of making sustainable fashion.

Designers are inclined to produce high-quality products that might be expensive but will have longevity, thus leading to fewer resource usage. Dame Vivienne’s mantra is what has taken the hold of sustainable fashion industry i.e. ‘Buy less. Choose well. Make it last’. The production of items that will people love and will want to keep for a longer time is what is being appreciated in today’s fashion industry. Now famous brands like Nike are offering customers to create their designs. This trend has changed the foci of the fashion industry to personalization, customization and 3D printing for making the items last longer while keeping the customers satisfied, thus leading to less usage of energy and Agri resources.

Saying No to Cruelty:

When we talk about conserving the environment, we do not only mean to save what is green, we mean to save every single living being that inhabits this planet. We all know that furs and reptile skins have been ruling the fashion industry and have become a symbol of royalty, richness, and fashionista. They are real head-turners though, but what about the animals and reptiles that are being brutally killed and their skins are being ripped off to make a fashion accessory for a fashion-thirsty being? It is absolutely as cruel as it sounds, and nothing can justify this brutality. Well, thanks to this big shift in the fashion industry that is the outcome of this global urge to ‘go green’.

Designers these days are depreciating the ideas of creating real fur products or using genuine snake skins to make bags or shoes. This is a huge step forward to make the fashion industry eco-friendly. Moreover, producing cloth from cotton is also known to be an act of cruelty for the laborers. For example, Uzbekistan, the second-largest crop-producing country is known to be using child labor for the purpose of harvesting cotton crops. Therefore, moving to sustainable fashion is more likely to say moving towards a better future for all.

To cut it short, raising awareness to save the planet is extending to every major domain of life. Fashion industry is playing its part by moving towards a sustainable fashion trend. We can contribute to the cause by adopting that fashion and buying the products that are likely to last longer and are made up of eco-friendly material. You can still dress to impress if you choose the right accessories and right outfits made from the sustainable materials. The world is changing for a better future and everyone must contribute to it.