Blue Jeans is no more

Israfil Alam Rana, Assistant Manager (R&D)

Sister Denim Composite Limited – Thermax Group

“Blue de Gênes”, “blue jeans” is no more!!! Don’t worry, this is not true but you have to believe a little. Nowadays blue jeans fashion diversifying by different sulfur colors like black, blue, brown, khaki, green, yellow, violet, red, orange & so many shades. Most amazing thing is that you can wash like blue jeans by these shades. Now think which color you want in your jeans.

Sulfur colored jeans:

Sulfur denim dyeing procedures have been used to create a full range of colors told before. With these processes involves the use of true sulfur dyes alone or in combination with sulfurized vats or special direct dyes that can be applied with special sulfur dyeing procedures. For success in fashion markets with these colors, marketing is focused on color “themes” such as “earth tones”, “urban”, sport or university colors



Sulfur topping shades are mostly using in fashion industry because of its attractive wash tone. In this process the sulfur dye is applied after the indigo dyeing. Sulfur topping permits much darker color than a sulfur bottom. Sulfur topping colors include black, blue-black, navy-black, yellow-brown, green etc. Sulfur toppings are used to produce slub appearances in normal yarn. On the other hand Sulfur bottoming of Indigo dyed yarns produces a darker, brighter effect with Indigo. The purpose of bottoming originally was to produce a darker color with less Indigo.



Sulfur colored jeans getting popular in western fashions. Specially skinny jeggings, kids items are popular for use of colored denim. These shades will blow your mind soon. So get ready to grab colored denim for your fashion. But don’t forget the grandfather, blue jeans will remain over decades.sulfur