Brands are highlighting sustainable & environmentally friendly Denim

environmental-friendly-denimAs a part of trend, some jeans brands have jumped on the environmental bandwagon and collaborating with fibre producers and manufacturers in the value chain that are sensitive to environmentally friendly issues. G-Star is one of them, the brand recently launched a new jeans capsule collection that was available from November 2017 through selected stores and online.

This line is made with denim dyed with Archroma’s Earth Colors. These dyes replace petroleum-derived materials that are conventionally used to synthetise dyes. The collection is available in three shades: Dark Plum, Asfalt and Mazarine Blue. Their colours are obtained from nonedible parts of beetroot and saw palmetto leftover from the agriculture industry or herbal extraction.

While continuing to support sustainable causes, G-Star will also launch its new G-Star Elwood RFTPi, developed employing highly sustainable materials. This new product, whose name RFTPi stands for RAW For The Planet indigo, will be available for S/S 2018 starting February 15, 2018. It uses denim manufactured by Artistic Milliners and dyed with Dystar chemical substances which employ 70 per cent less chemicals and no salts nor similar water-harming substances. The garments are washed by Saitex, a specialized laundry that is also committed to recycling 98 per cent water. As part of its environmentally friendly strategy G-Star also will gradually employ only 100 per cent bio cotton and will employ only recyclable labels, accessories and carton packaging. For this specific project G-Star will also employ Cradle-to-Cradle “Gold” certified denims as per the Cradle-to-Cradle Products Innovation Institute.