Bureau 555 and ULAB joint seminar on -“Tomorrow’s Digital Life Augmented & Virtual Reality”

Desk Report: Bureau 555 and ULAB held a talk on 2nd July 2022 to discuss the possibilities of digitisation, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality for the next generation titled “Tomorrow’s Digital Life Augmented & Virtual Reality”

The talk started with the history of AR & VR, and its revival and evolution from unsuccessful attempts in the past. The target audience was University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh(ULAB) students.

AFM Moniruzzaman Shipu, Artist & Assistant Professor at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh spoke on the above topic with Nusrat Mahmud, co-founder of Bureau 555. In the talk, AFM Moniruzzaman Shipu said – “New things in the world come through literature, art, and stories, and Mixed reality is the future”.

Photo: Nusrat Mahmud, co-founder of Bureau 555 talks at the seminar

He further added,” In the future, there will be a time when everything will be done by AR and VR including education, hospital treatments, etc”.

Nusrat highlighted how AR is already being used in the fashion industry in terms of product trials and visualisations.

They ended the talk by answering questions from students. They were quite interested in the sound of AR & VR, freelancing with digital assets, E-learning, and so on!

Bureau 555 exists to make digital technologies accessible throughout the supply chain for brands and manufacturers working towards a more sustainable and resilient future. BUREAU 555 provides, Material digitization, 3D Sampling, Pattern and block library conversion, and Digital transformation consulting.