Center of Innovation, Efficiency and OSH globally Launched


Desk Report: The Centre of Innovation, Efficiency and Occupation Safety and Health Improvement (CEOSH) established by BGMEA at its headquarters has started its journey to support Bangladesh’s RMG industry with knowledge, skills and technical know-how to meet future challenges and enhance its competitiveness.

Honorable Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi, MP attended the global launching of the Centre as chief guest at BGMEA Complex in Dhaka on November 18.

Faruque Hassan, President of BGMEA chaired the launching ceremony which was also addressed by Ranjan Mahtani, Founder and Executive Chairman of Epic Group.

Ratnakar Adhikari, Executive Director, Enhanced Integrated Framework Secretariat WTO, sent his video message on the occasion of the global launching of CEOSH.

BGMEA Vice Presidents, Directors and other dignitaries were also present at the ceremony.

BGMEA singed two separate memorandum of understandings with Epic Group and Tonello in the event. The understandings aim to collaborate in supporting the CEOSH to in building its necessary capacity and capabilities to make the Centre a knowledge hub and exchange at national and international levels.

The Centre will bring knowledge about best business practices, most-advanced technology and latest trends of the global fashion industry to the apparel industry of Bangladesh through trainings, workshops and stakeholders’ gatherings.

It will also focus on wider issues concerning the industry such as industrial relations, industrial engineering, productivity, efficiency, human resource development, business ethics and practices, financial reporting, occupational safety and health, and good governance.

Besides, the Centre will help to find out the areas where Bangladesh RMG sector needs to work on to keep pace with the rest of the world regarding productivity and efficiency.

It will also contribute to developing curriculum based on the needs of the RMG industry and the curriculum can be modified according to the changes in trends.