Central Administration of INDIA tactics to embargo Chinese silk imports

silk_fiberOfficials from the Ministry of Textiles have ensured that the quality of Banarasi saris is declining because of cheap imports from China, the Central Administration plans to ban Chinese silk imports. During a meeting of the Standing Committee on Labor, the central government proposals have been communicated. In the debate of this committee, “Challenges and Chances-Indian Textile Industry” were addressed. The Center also deterred Chinese imports because it has also increased its anti-China sentiment. Even though it did not specifically say that imports from these countries need to be curbed, the government has pushed to improve domestic production and cut exports.

This is not the Central Government’s first step in cutting imports and discouraging out of Indian goods. In the past too, e-commerce firms had been directed by the Central Government to highlight the ‘country of origin’ tag for items listed on their platforms for import cuts. Other countries have also raised questions about the acquisition of Chinese textiles. For example, the US would probably announce an interdiction to import cotton from Xinjiang China.