Chairman of Orkim Chemicals Calls on BGMEA President


On October 12, Tolga Ilter, the Chairman of Orkim Chemicals, paid a courtesy visit to Faruque Hassan, the President of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA). The meeting between these two industry leaders touched on a range of topics of mutual interest, shedding light on the current state of Bangladesh’s garment industry, its challenges and opportunities, the global apparel market dynamics, and emerging industry trends.

Faruque Hassan emphasized the growing emphasis within Bangladesh’s apparel sector on sustainable manufacturing practices. He highlighted how factories in the country are continuously striving to incorporate sustainability into their production processes to minimize the environmental impact of textile and apparel manufacturing. In this context, he noted that Orkim Chemicals could play a crucial role by supplying advanced chemicals designed to significantly enhance productivity, reduce dyeing time, and address effluent-related concerns within the textile and apparel industry.

These innovative chemicals not only contribute to the industry’s competitiveness but also enhance the capacity for sustainable garment manufacturing. Faruque Hassan praised the potential benefits these chemicals could bring to the textile and apparel sector in Bangladesh, underlining the importance of adopting eco-friendly and sustainable practices.

During the meeting, the BGMEA President also urged Orkim Chemicals to encourage their clients, which include both existing buyers and prospective partners yet to source garments from Bangladesh, to explore the offerings from the country. With its long-standing reputation as a leading Turkish company supplying chemicals to the garment and textile industry, Orkim Chemicals is well-positioned to foster stronger ties between international clients and Bangladesh’s burgeoning garment industry.

As Bangladesh continues to make strides toward sustainable and eco-conscious manufacturing, collaborations and support from industry partners like Orkim Chemicals can further bolster its position in the global apparel market. This meeting signifies a step towards a more sustainable and productive future for the Bangladesh garment and textile industry, with Orkim Chemicals playing a crucial role in this endeavor.