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COGELSA always considers Bangladesh as a high-potential market for the textile sector

COGELSA is a company that develops, manufactures, and markets lubricants and greases with cutting-edge technology, under the most demanding European standards, with maximum respect for the environment and social responsibility. Established for over 100 years in the Barcelona area, Spain, the company has accumulated extensive experience in different areas of industrial applications. It works closely with different additive suppliers and research institutes to learn about the latest technologies, which allows R&D teams to formulate the latest generation of special lubricants.

Team Textile Focus had a recent conversation with Mr. Ibrahim Khalil, CEO, of Interlink Textile, Official COGELSA’s Bangladesh dealer. Key discussion points are mentioned below-

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Ibrahim Khalil, CEO, Interlink Textile,
OFFICIAL COGELSA’s Bangladesh dealer

Textile Focus: Can you please brief COGELSA’s business in textile?

Ibrahim Khalil: COGELSA has been established more than 100 years ago around Barcelona, Spain-Europe. The company has accumulated vast experience in different fields of industrial applications specially the lubrication for textile machinery. COGELSA develops, manufactures and markets high-tech lubricants and grease, under the most demanding European standards for textile machinery.  In some cases, such as in the manufacture of bags for food packaging, it may be required that the lubricant complies with the ISO 21469:2006 standard. COGELSA complies with this standard, which specifies the hygiene requirements for the formulation, manufacture, use and conservation of lubricants that may be in occasional contact with food and its packaging.

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Textile Focus: How do you see the textile industry of Bangladesh?

Ibrahim Khalil: COGELSA always considers Bangladesh as a high potential market for textile sector. Since long ago Bangladesh is the leader of garment sector in the world, linked with spinning, weaving and dyeing – finishing sector, and has been focused on doing excellent development in this market. I think in next few years, Bangladesh will be the global supply leader for textile items.

Textile Focus: How the products from COGELSA are adding value for textile processing?

Ibrahim Khalil: Nowadays, all investors and factory owners pay attention to saving processing costs, low maintenance cost of machinery and energy saving. COGELSA is aware of the demand of the textile industry, so it has created its own research, development and quality control team with expert technicians. COGELSA has the capacity to design and formulate tailor-made lubricants to meet the new demands of the latest industrial applications. Its technical after-sales team provides customer support and sound lubrication advice to ensure the correct application of our products.

Textile Focus: How do you ensure sustainability and competitive products?

Ibrahim Khalil: In its second year of evaluation by EcoVadis, COGELSA has obtained a gold medal from EcoVadis, an organisation that evaluates the social, environmental (purchasing, waste management, operational control, efficiency improvement…) and good governance practices of companies all over the world. COGELSA is continuously investing in new facilities and expanding its production capacity. They have focused on the development of special fluids for specific applications considering the latest regulations and market trends. Its R&D department tirelessly works on it to provide sustainable products and ensure the best competitive way.

Textile Focus: How will you define Bangladesh’s textile industry comparing other countries doing business in textiles?

Ibrahim Khalil: COGELSA is present in more than 50 countries around the world through its wide distribution network, from Asia to Europe, North Africa and Latin America. According to my knowledge and information, Bangladesh has the highest potential for textile sector.

Textile Focus: How does COGELSA distribute its products in the Bangladesh market?

Ibrahim Khalil: COGELSA has an exclusivity contract with Interlink Textile for Bangladesh until 2027 and we have been importing their products to Bangladesh since 2011. Moreover, we regularly organize joint visits with COGELSA’s principal to end users in Bangladesh for customer support and technical advice.


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