CUMB organized an Iftar in Dhaka for Holy Ramadan


City University Merchant Brothers (CUMB), a professional association of textile merchandisers, has organized an Iftar at a hotel in the capital Dhaka on the occasion of Holy Ramadan.

The senior convenor of the organization and national motivational speaker Engineer Ahmed Sarwar called upon everyone to work together shoulder to shoulder for the development of the future textile industry of Bangladesh. He also said that it is the need of the hour to increase the qualifications of local professionals to reduce the influence of foreign officials in our country. On the one hand it will create our employment and on the other hand, it will reduce the pressure on the country’s dollar.

The event discussed the importance of networking in the workplace with an emphasis on developing relationships among professionals. And all commit to continue such activities in the future. Which will serve as a powerful platform to further expand their scope of work. Such programs hope to establish unity, sympathy and brotherhood among City University Merchant Brothers.
At the end of the ceremony, everyone prayed to Almighty Allah.
Also, present at the ceremony were the officials of various reputed institutions: Limon, Arif, Ibrahim, Sakil, Zaheer and Solaiman etc.
The ceremony ended with Farrukh Ahmed officiating.