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Datatex Host product Launch Dinner Ceremony to introduce NOW ERP Software Suit for BD Textile and Apparel Industry

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Figure 01: Mr. Maurizio Desio, CMO, Datatex (Left) Rahul Mahajan (right), Head of Sales and Marketing APAC

Datatex was established in 1987, is the world’s leading provider of IT software solutions for the textile and apparel industry, with an installed base in 45 countries on 5 continents. The Datatex textile ERP platform is the result of 35 years of experience related to the latest information technologies.

Mr. Maurizio Desio, CMO, Datatex said “Bangladesh is the most potential market for the ERP system and services because without the data record and analyses textile and RMG industry will never grow up to the mark.”

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Figure 02: Bhakar Ranjan Saha (Left), Managing Director and Chief Business Officer of the Analyst Limited Bangladesh, Vipin Jain (Right), System Head, Beximco Textiles and Apparels.

“To increase efficiency, calculating the cost and control, on-time delivery and implementation of the new technology will never be possible unless a dynamic industrial data software like Datatex is kept operating. Datatex aims to be the best technological partner for the textile and apparel industry, by enhancing the productivity and the efficiency of the RMG industry.” He added further

Rahul Mahajan, Head of Sales and Marketing APAC said Datatex works with the textile and apparel sector which is combination of all manufacturing processes. Because in this sector to make a single shirt requires multiple complex processes from weaving to packing and the process might need to follow a particular time for garment delivery. So for cost-effective process and on time delivery an effective ERP system can be most useful for the manufacturer of Bangladesh.”

In his slide show presentation, he showed how Datatex offers all the solution in one ERP system from development to deliver- yarn and garment. The below is the summary of the slide show presentation.

Bangladesh’s Apparel sector needs one ERP system for different production unit

The current trend in the Bangladesh textile industry suggests remarkable growth in the coming years. But most of the industries in Bangladesh are lagging behind in their supply chain management as well as value chain management. A Lot of wastage as well as duplication of the works are commonly seen in the industry. So a comprehensive ERP software essential for the manufacturers to suites for the textile and apparel manufacturing Industry like-Spinning, Dyeing, knitting, weaving, printing, and garmenting all in one ERP system.

Why Datatex?

1.Specialized for Textile and Apparel Industry

Datatex Software solution, the ERP system that fits into management software composed of innovative functions and modules developed to help textile and fashion companies, regardless of their size. It can provide solution and capable of meeting the new demands of the sector such as a wide variety of products, short delivery times and lower costs. Datatex ERP is characterized by great flexibility, able to adapt to every aspect of the business processes

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Figure-03: NOW software, the best-selling vertical management software in the world.

2. Designed to solve industry challenges

Datatex makes the best technological innovation, developing solutions that convert information into knowledge. This provides useful insights to companies about how to best manage their businesses and allows them to save a lot of time and money.

Datatex chose the JavaEE approach because beyond its recognition as a worldwide unique standard by the main IT providers, it maintains the application logic, despite the effects of technological evolution and assures high productivity in development. The final result is a highly flexible and scalable product.

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Figure-04: Datatex chose the JavaEE approach because beyond its recognition as a worldwide unique standard by the main IT providers

Datatex keeps a keen eye on protecting customers from cyber-attacks such as cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection (SQLi), local file inclusion (LFI), or distributed denial of service (DDoS) are all part of the attention that Datatex pays to its solution.

3.Modular approach adapting to each client need

To lower the costs of system management, Datatex suggests a multiple-step process of installation like customers shall begin or have scope to start with a single business process area, then expand as the needs of the organization evolve and grow. Datatex customers have seen great benefits in this modular approach that allows the best use of the available resources and lowered maintenance costs.

The customers who want to use the adoption of a new ERP system as an opportunity to transform their business or optimize certain processes can do easily. The process begins with careful analysis of the customer’s organizational structure.  

Datatex users can access the applications with any browser-enabled device, including mobile phones and tablets. The solution will automatically display the screens in the browser’s defined language.

4.Constant improvement in R&D

Datatex product development teams invest significant resources in software upgrade development and testing to ensure that the addition of new functions or the transition to a new platform is quick and trouble-free. Datatex provides two levels of support for customer installations. An around-the clock Help desk, and remote intervention facility enable most issues to be dealt with immediately. On-site support is also provided by the Datatex network of system partners and staff.

Beximco Textiles and Apparels is one of the Datatex customers in Bangladesh clients that has been using its service for more than 20 years. Vipin Jain, System Head at Bexico Limited was present in the event. He shared his experience about Datatex in the event and  said “ERP system has an important role for planning end cost effectiveness. Now we are using the ERP system in all the production process including management part. We believe Datatex capable to provide services based on organizational structure and upgrading the system by the need of production process.”

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