Denim is the hottest wardrobe items in US fashion


denimThe National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO) has said that the product is the hottest wardrobe items in the fashion industry in the US. It also cites an Elle magazine report on designer denim as among the best looks of the 2016 Paris Fashion Week held earlier this month. With fall fashion shows in New York and Paris in the rearview mirror, denim has emerged as one of the hottest wardrobe items in the fashion industry.

On the other hand, Elle magazine has reported that designer denim was among the best looks of the 2016 Paris Fashion Week that ended on October 5. In New York, which also hosted its Fashion Week this month, named denim as the reason the fashion crowd there was noticeably casual.

Denim is a timeless classic and the fall and spring seasons are peak production times for global denim manufacturers like Mount Vernon Mills. The Mill’s Apparel Fabrics group operates one of the largest denim manufacturing facilities in the world and produces a wide variety of the product including washed, over-dyed and stretch fabrics. The material’s popularity in the US can be traced to its iconic status alongside baseball, apple pie and other iconic brands. The company also is on the forefront of the innovation behind a fabric constantly evolving to meet customer styles and tastes.



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