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How to Dress Like a True Golfer

Have you noticed that professional golfers have some sort of swagger to them? The way they move around on the course and the way they look around with an air of authority and certainty.

You wouldn’t be surprised that much of how the true golfers look is a big part of how they dress. And if it is your dream to look like a true golfer by dressing like one, you are in the right place. Here are the things you would need to look like a true golfer:

A Cap or Hat

Golf is a game for the sun or rain. The most passionate golfers don’t mind playing when the elements are raging, especially when they aren’t raging enough to interrupt the play. However, they never go without a cap or a hat to keep the elements away from their faces.

Thanks to their caps, they can fully enjoy their games without a care for the sun or some light showers. If you want to look like one of these professional, passionate golfers, don your hat on your next golfing tour.

The Golf Shirt

Many professional golfers go for comfortable polo shirts, and you can never go wrong with one yourself. However, you may decide to spice up your style by wearing a turtleneck shirt. This may not be the most practical golfing attire, but you can still pull a true golfer’s look with it. You may then go ahead to have the sleeves long or short, depending on the weather condition and your preference.

The fabric of your shirt is as important as your golf ball, and here’s why. Golfing may draw sweat from your body, and you don’t want the sweat sticking to your body while you are playing. Apart from the discomfort that comes with it, it is not a hygienic habit. That is why you should invest in high-quality fabrics. You could either go for a cotton shirt or a synthetic shirt.

And still concerning the golf shirt, make sure whatever you wear fits you. Baggies hardly have a room in the golfers’ world. Fitted clothes make golfers look smart, and you should consider using them too. Be careful to not wear something too tight as well. For ladies, steer clear of bathing suit tops, tank tops, t-shirts, tube tops, or halters as they are considered inappropriate on the golf course. Instead, polo-style shirts, crew-neck tops, and turtlenecks are a great choice.

Finally, shirts should be tucked in. Always.

The Outerwear

Depending on the weather condition, you may want to wear some outerwear. On cooler days you can layer your underwear with sweaters, collar button-down shirts, vests, windbreakers, or light jackets. Don’t forget to keep the collar of your sport shirt tucked in if you have a crewneck sweater on.

Resist the urge to layer your inners with sweatshirts, denim jackets, or hoodies. And make sure that whatever you wear looks fitted on you. No baggies, no sloppy clothes.

Golf Slacks or Shorts

Before we get started on the slacks, let’s talk a little about the shorts.

Not all clubs accept shorts. And the ones that do make it a requirement that the shorts must have belt holes. Not the kinds with elastic or drawstrings. Cargo shorts are also a big NO. So, if you must wear shorts, check with your club first.

Now to the slacks.


Choose the fabric of your trousers or slacks carefully. There are different fabrics for various weather conditions. Whatever fabrics you choose, make sure they give your legs enough breathing space but still absorb sweat. You also don’t want something that restricts your movement.


The color of your trousers depends on you. But you can play it safe with white or black khakis. Whatever color you choose, make sure it goes along with your top. You don’t want to go to the club looking like a golf mascot, rather than a true golfer. A rule of thumb for matching your top with your bottom is to wear a bold top on a neutral bottom, or a neutral top on a bold bottom.


Let your trousers be long enough to touch the top of your shoes. And if you are going with shorts, let it end right above your kneecaps.

Ladies have more space to accommodate their stylishness, irrespective of what they wear. They could go with skirts, dresses or skorts. However, these must be long enough to reach anywhere in between their mid-thighs and their knee caps. And it would be far better if the skirt had built-in shorts.

The following wears are not welcome on the golf course: Denim, jeans, sweatpants, cargo shorts, cuffs or pleats, yoga pants, mini skirts, or booty shorts.


Complete your true golfer’s look with your shoes. There are golf shoes with plastic, hard rubber, or soft spikes. These are the shoes you’re looking to wear. You can also wear your sneakers or running shoes if they allow your feet to get good grips on the golf course.

Don’t wear boots, sandals, or street shoes. Avoid wearing shoes that have metal spikes at all costs. They can tear up the golf course.


Looking like a pro golfer is not complete without these accessories:


You should pay as much attention to your socks as you would to every other item on this list. Go for socks fabrics that absorb sweat from your feet. Of course, they should match your trousers or shorts as well. The length of the socks is also important. They should only rise as far as your ankles and no higher.


Although the use of sunglasses on the course is mostly for practical reasons, there is no denying that they make you look cool. Sunglasses help protect your eyes from UVA/UVB exposure and reduce glare. So, you have no reason to not go to the course with it on a sunny day.


Wear a belt that matches your top or bottom. You may also go for bolder colors but do so with caution. Make sure it does not make you feel uncomfortable as you bend over to hit the ball. A good looking belt is also a plus.


Gloves prevent you from getting blisters and calluses on your hands from gripping the club too often. While some golfers may not hit the course without them, they could always come in handy, especially if your hands get sweaty.

Don’t forget to wear the glove properly if you are wearing it on one hand instead of two. Left-handed golfers have their gloves on the right hands, and right-handed golfers wear theirs on their left.

Jewelry and Wristwatch

Simple jewelry. That’s all the jewelry you need. No dangly earrings or long necklaces. A nice looking wristwatch as well.

Apart from all these accessories, you can throw in one of these classy looking golf cart bags to complete your true golfer’s look.

The Bottom Line

There you have it. Looking like a true golfer is not just a dream that only comes true behind the scenes anymore. You can now head out there with your complete golfer’s dressing and have your confidence soaring.

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