Epyllion Group Promotes Innovation, Newness, Collaboration, Employee Engagement and Wellbeing through Best HR Practice Sharing Program

Epyllion Group, a leading Apparel industry, recently concluded its quarterly “Best HR Practice Sharing Program”, a platform designed to foster innovation, newness, collaboration, employee well-being and engagement. The program not only celebrates successfully implemented initiatives but also serves as a means to encourage the uniform implementation of these practices across all units. Additionally, it provides a unique opportunity for company officials to enhance their presentation, and communication skills and to boost their self-confidence.

The Best HR Practice Sharing Program exemplifies Epyllion Group’s commitment to continuous improvement and creating a harmonious work environment that benefits employees of the organization. Representatives from diverse business units of HR, Admin and Compliance Department gathered to showcase their achievements and to emphasize the positive impact on the company.

The core purpose of this program is to share and recognize innovative practices, ultimately encouraging their widespread adoption in all units. By doing so, Epyllion Group not only ensures consistency but also continually raises the bar for excellence within the organization.

During this quarter, six new initiatives were unveiled, each demonstrating remarkable achievements in enhancing employee engagement, wellbeing, productivity, and overall satisfaction. These initiatives are a testament to the dedication of Epyllion Group to create an atmosphere of mutual support, growth, and advancement.

Mr. Mohammed Showket Iqbal, General Manager of Human Resources, praised the program’s dual focus on innovation and skill development, stating, “The Best Practice Sharing Program is not just about showcasing accomplishments but also about nurturing our people’s abilities to effectively communicate and implement these innovations. Its win-win for everyone involved.”

The Best HR Practice Sharing Program continues to be an essential program for the organization to achieve these goals, creating a work environment that is not only productive but also enriching.

It is to be noted that Epyllion Group, a leading organization in the Apparel industry, renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and employee well-being. Guided by core values centered on the Human Spirit, Newness, Ethical Business, and Sustainability, Epyllion Group stands as a trailblazer in the industry, establishing exemplary benchmark for others.