Evince Group CSR story showing worker’s well-being, dignity and safety


Exemplary CSR initiatives of Evince Group

One of the leading and most diversified independent manufacturing conglomerates – Evince Group is a socially responsible group, which aims at contributing towards the development of its workers and serving its customers with utmost satisfaction.

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is a corporation’s initiative to assess and take responsibility for the company’s effects on social well-being.

Evince Group provided us with details on their CSR activities;

Evince Group is dedicated to serving its Family. Our employees’ struggles are seen as our own. We are strongly self-sustained with our own ecosystem of industries. Our honorable Chairman, Mr. Anwar Ul Alam Chowdhury has devoted his time and effort to making a difference for the betterment of not only the employees but the community at large.  

Computer labs have been set up by us in some of the major universities in Bangladesh such as Dhaka University. Students worthy of financial aid have been provided with scholarships, accommodation and daily living expenses. Mr. Anwar Ul Alam Chowdhury being the President of the Dhaka University Alumni Association has paved the way to helping out future leaders of the nation. Philanthropy is a vital element of our management; our Director, Mr. Shah Rayeed Chowdhury among others is an active member in providing grants to 50 students on a yearly basis at Dhaka University. These are students who deserve proper education but do not have the means to sustain it. This has been one of the ways of giving back to the community.

Regular donations are made to numerous institutions around the country especially the ones run by handicapped tutors. In fulfilling the responsibility of the development of the local community and especially our employees, the management has worked towards the establishment of schools, training centers, madrasahs and mosques.

Our management values education being a primary need for all to advance. Shirirchala Jamiya Islamia Madinatul Ulum Madrasah and Orphanage was initiated in 2000, currently housing and mentoring 580 students. Evince Model School located in Gazipur was established in 2013, teaching students from kindergarten to the 10th grade and Shabnam Shehnaz Chowdhury Ideal Model School in Rangpur tutoring 260 students are all run by the organization.

We have been dedicated in serving all our stakeholders, running a non-profit agro project providing daily essentials such as vegetables, poultry and other basic needs to our employees and the surrounding residents at subsidized rates; to help with their livelihood.

At Evince Group we prioritize on the empowerment of the local community specially women, by providing them with lucrative job opportunities. We value celebrating and sharing knowledge with the community on special causes such as the importance of planting trees on the World Environment Day.

Regular health checkups, testing, vaccine and educational sessions take place in our factories; such as the recent Hepatitis B Program at our Evince Garments Limited factory. Total of 1143 employees were tested out of which 26 employees tested positive. These employees then had a separate meeting with the medical team regarding the control of the virus. 1072 employees took the first dosage of vaccine for Hepatitis B and were advised on the proceeding ones.

Evince Group takes pride in all its contributions towards humanity, this is not only at home but internationally as well. We participated in the Fun Run 2023, a charity event organized by Tesco for the earthquake victims of Syria and Turkey. Our team members took part in the run and donated BDT 1,00,000 for the noble cause. We strongly believe in fulfilling our responsibilities towards the society and it’s people, keeping our donation and contribution at the forefront.