Fakir Apparels Wins highly coveted ISPO Award in Sportswear


The apparel manufacturer from Bangladesh is being recognized as the first Bangladeshi manufacturer to be honoured with the ISPO( Internationale Fachmesse für Sportartikel und Sportmode) Award Winner for the Calor Jacket.

Fakir Apparels, a prominent player in the apparel industry, announces its groundbreaking achievement at ISPO 2023 with the Calor Jacket, an innovative women’s piece. The International Society for Professional Apparel and Textile Industry (ISPO) bestowed this prestigious award upon Fakir Apparels, recognizing their commitment to performance, sustainability, and innovation in outdoor apparel. This accolade marks Fakir Apparels as the first Bangladeshi manufacturer to receive the esteemed ISPO Award Winner title.

In dispelling the notion that high-end technical wear manufacturing is exclusive to the Far East, Fakir Apparels reflects the broader trend in Bangladesh. The country’s manufacturers are making significant strides in this market, tapping into a wealth of young talent, seasoned expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit. Fakir Apparels, traditionally known for cotton-based garments, shifted a substantial portion of its products to synthetic and synthetic blends while maintaining its client base. In 2018, they launched a specialized technical wear manufacturing facility, marking five years of success in the sportswear industry.

Fakir Nafizuzzaman, Deputy Managing Director of Fakir Apparels Ltd., emphasizes the company’s commitment to sustainability through bold actions like the Calor Jacket. This revolutionary piece not only integrates cutting-edge technology and a circular philosophy but also reduces garment waste by an impressive 97%.

Acknowledging the broader industry shift, Nafizuzzaman notes, “The myth that high-end technical wear manufacturing capabilities are exclusive to Far East manufacturers no longer exists. Local manufacturers, including Fakir Apparels, are steering this shift from traditional cotton-based garments to synthetic fiber-made high-end technical wear, marking a game-changing moment for Bangladesh’s RMG industry.”

Fakir Apparels’ journey signifies a pivotal moment in the industry, showcasing Bangladesh’s prowess in technical wear manufacturing and its commitment to a sustainable future. He also said, ‘’Our innovative Design and R&D wing has been actively engaged in introducing sustainable changes to the fashion and Sportwear industry. Our latest achievement CALOR JACKET is a result of this effort which encapsulates a technological breakthrough by combining multifunctionality with comfort, safety and circularity while reducing overall waste of the garment by 97%. We believe that by taking such bold actions through our product, environmental and social initiatives we can accelerate our shift towards a sustainable future.’’