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Fashion for People or People for Fashion?

Farzana Alam Piya

Earlier, fashion was for people. But now it seems like people are for fashion. Day by day, people of all ages in our country as well as around the world are becoming more fashion conscious. They always want to stay updated with the latest fashion trends. In the world of technology, people’s lives are glued with their smart phone. They have become more social media centric. They love to take photographs of each moment of their daily life, what they are doing, where they are visiting, how they are spending their time & share them with their friends, through social media. This genre of people are making them more conscious about their dressing styles, about what they are wearing & how they are wearing it. Here are some idea on some factor which monitor the fashion. The images are from one of the leading Bangladeshi fashion brand “Aarang”.

fashion-on-occationFashion based on time & occasion:

Nowadays people maintain different dressing styles for different occasions. Such as fine fabric for summer, warmer fabric cold season. They prefer traditional dresses for weddings & family occasions, formal dresses for office meetings, semi-formal for regular office, casual for shopping & home time, sports-wear for swimming & exercise. As a result, they dreams for a wardrobe consisting of all types of dresses, according to occasion. This nature of people encourages them to buy more clothes. Even they do not want to wear the same dress, for more than 2 times. People’s shopping tendency has increased over 2.5 times, in last 10 years.


Traditional fashion:

Traditional clothes are always popular among men & women, of all ages. Continental entertainment sector & traditions impact highly on consumers’ choice. Currently, people of all ages prefer colorful dresses. Modern fusion with 80’s-90’s styles, are also on demand.

workingFashion for working women:

The rate of working women, in our country is increasing day by day. As they stay out of their home for a long time, they want to wear something comfortable, maintaining the personality of their job, also the trends. Keeping this in mind, along with traditional dresses, for regular uses, they are moving to jeans with kurti, long shirts, fatua, overcoat, blazers. Changes has also come in the printing patterns of these clothes. Colorful floral prints, geometrical prints, instrumental prints, tie die prints, colorful & asymmetric strips are becoming popular. Asymmetric cuts of the clothes & fringes are on demands. Different types of hizabs are also on trend.

young-generationFashion for young generation:

Among our young generations, currently Korean movies, dramas, anime shows are becoming more popular. Their dressing styles are highly appreciated & followed by the kids and students of our country. The young generation frequently changes their fashion and they are used to habituate to any fashion trend.

technologicalFashion on technological advancement:

Along with the consumers, the apparel industries are also becoming technology based. They have started online shopping services, including free home delivery, exchange offer, tailoring services. They are trying their best to reach every consumers, with apparel of consumers’ own taste & budget. As the consumers are becoming more fashion conscious, the industries are also becoming sensible about their apparels.

shop-onlineFashion on digital platform:

Today many Fashion related apps are available, where the consumers are provided a form, in which they fill up their body measurement, preferred color, budget & other requirements of the cloth that they are looking. They can also add their photographs & occasion for better result. After adding those information, the app represents the suitable dresses before the consumer fulfilling all the requirements. This saves the time, energy, transport cost of the consumers. Besides they can find out the best dress for themselves from a larger collection.

The power of fashion cannot be articulated in words. It is part of daily air which changes with time. What you wear represents yourself to the world. In today’s world, fashion is the instant language.

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