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FMI Bytes: How is the Custom T-shirt Printing Market Faring in India?

As per newly released data by Future Market Insights (FMI), the custom t-shirt printing market is estimated at USD 3,883.1 million in 2023, and is projected to reach USD 9,883.2 million by 2033, at a CAGR of 9.7% from 2023 to 2033. Share of custom T-shirt printing market in its parent market (Apparel market) is approximately ~2%-5%.

Rising preference for customized, fashionable, and unique clothing, as well as rising disposable income among the global young population, are major factors driving the demand for custom t-shirts in the market. Customized t-shirts are popular among young people because they allow them to design clothing that matches their preferences, personality, and style.

Economically, disposable income has a direct impact on consumers’ purchasing power and decision-making. When disposable income rises, households have more money to spend and save, forcing consumers to spend more and become less frugal. Thus, the rising disposable incomes of people across the globe boost the affordability of these customized t-shirts, which are relatively more expensive than normal t-shirts.

2018 to 2022 Global Custom T-Shirt Printing Market Outlook Compared to 2023 to 2033 Forecast

Future Market insights (FMI) estimates the global custom t-shirt printing market to witness staggering growth over the forthcoming decade of 2023 to 2033. T-shirt manufacturing companies are increasingly using custom designed t-shirts as a modern branding strategy for branding.

Companies, especially start-ups, are using this technique to increase their brand visibility and woo the potential customers. Additionally, the growing use of customized t-shirts as a branding tool is expected to boost the market.

Besides this, the rising inclination in the fashion industry towards customized clothing coupled with growing disposable income is enabling them to spend on customized products. This is resulting in high demand for customized t-shirts with slogans and logos printed on them.

Backed by these aforementioned factors, the global custom t-shirt printing market is expected to increase by 2.3x, surpassing 508,487 units by the end of 2033.

Comparative View of Adjacent Custom T-shirt Printing Market

The global custom t-shirt printing market is set to be impacted by the peer, or tangential markets in the apparel market. On analysis of these related industries Future Market Insights has found profound insights that will be helpful for developing unique differentiating strategies to pursue for growth and opportunity.

Key Dynamics in the Custom T-shirts Printing Market

  • Growing Popularity of Outdoor Sports and Other Industries

Almost all sports teams and clubs have begun to design and wear custom-made t-shirts and jerseys with their own logo and design. Every sporting club is now following the trend of increasing their team’s visibility and giving their players a distinct look. With increased government spending on sports-related activities, sporting activities are growing in popularity across the United States. As a result, demand for customized t-shirts is expected to upsurge in the coming years.

Furthermore, the use of custom-printed t-shirts to raise social awareness, voice one’s opinion, and support a cause is on the rise. Furthermore, customers in a variety of industries, including hospitality, logistics, construction, industrial, and medical, are increasingly providing custom-printed t-shirts as a marketing tool to their employees and customers.

  • Custom T-shirts are more than just the Go-To Casual Attire

T-shirts are much more than just the go-to casual attire that is one of the best mediums of expression. The increased demand for custom t-shirt printing to deliver messages and raise social awareness without saying a word, express unity and solidarity, empower us to take action, or express unity and solidarity, presents significant growth opportunities for the custom t-shirt printing market.

  • Customized & Personalized T-shirt Printing Gaining Traction as Preferred Advertising Tool

Custom t-shirts are being used by major companies worldwide as an off-the-clock advertising tool. Custom t-shirt printing is most preferred as an advertising tool as compared to hoardings or television.

Brands extensively use this advertising strategy as it requires less investment. As a result, companies are providing customized t-shirts to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Additionally, using high-quality materials on personalized t-shirts extends their shelf life, allowing companies to gain visibility for longer periods of time. These are some of the major factors expected to boost the market over the coming years.

How is the Growing Popularity of Outdoor Sports Driving the Sales in the USA?

Growing Popularity of Customized-Designed T-shirts in Outdoor Sports to Boost Sales

As per FMI, the USA is considered to be one of the most lucrative markets for custom t-shirt printing. Over 78.9% of North America custom t-shirt printing sales are contributed by the USA in 2022. Growth in the country is underpinned by the growing popularity of outdoor sports.

Leading sports teams such as football and clubs have started designing custom-designed t-shirts and jerseys with their own logo and design. Numerous sports clubs are now following the trend of increasing their team’s visibility and providing their players with a unique appearance.

Additionally, with increased government spending on sports-related activities, sporting activities are gaining immense popularity across the USA. As a result, demand for customized t-shirts is expected to surge over the coming years. This is expected to boost the USA custom t-shirt printing market.

How is the Custom T-shirt Printing Market Faring in India?

Advent of Start-ups and Custom T-shirt Design Websites via E-Commerce to Augment Sales

India is expected to account for over 31.4% of market share in South Asia through 2022. Increasing penetration of e-commerce and the growing popularity of fashionable apparel are major factors propelling the demand in the market.

Further, with the expansion of the apparel industry and the growing trend of personalized t-shirts among millennials, sales of custom t-shirt printing are expected to spur. Also, several startups offering customized accessories and personalized printed t-shirts have emerged in the market.

Subsequently, these start-up companies and custom t-shirt design websites are collaborating with online retail sales channels to increase their revenues and improve their brand presence. On the back of this, sales in the custom t-shirt printing market are expected to increase at a rapid pace.

Why is the Demand for Custom T-shirt Printings Increasing in Germany?

Custom T-shirt Printing Industry in Germany to Collaborate with Entertainment Industry

In 2022, Germany accounted for 26.9% share in the Europe market for custom t-shirt printing. The demand is expected to grow owing to the rapid development and investment in printing technologies.

Further, the presence of prominent market players such as Spreadshirt and others has further contributed to the growth in the market. Additionally, custom t-shirts with movie slogans and logos are acquiring immense popularity among movie enthusiasts.

As a result, key players are collaborating with the entertainment industry to increase their revenues and woo consumers with quirky movie logos and slogans. This trend is expected to significantly contribute to the growth of the custom t-shirt printing industry in the coming years.

Category-wise Insights

Which Printing Technique is the Most Preferred?

Screen Printing Technique to Contribute Over Half of the Sales in Custom T-shirt Printing Market

In terms of printing technique, the screen-printing segment held the highest revenue share of more than 52.1% in 2022. Screen printing offers supreme print quality, a soft finish, and can also print in multiple color.

Besides this, it is one of the most cost-effective printing technique for mass production. It can also print on synthetic fabrics like viscose, polyester, silk, and other similar materials. As a result, it is the most prevalent technique among service providers.

On the back of these aforementioned factors, the screen printing technique segment is expected to dominate the market.

Which is the Top-Selling Category in Custom T-shirt Printing Market?

Pre-Printed Custom Graphic T-shirts to Gain Traction among Millennials

As per FMI, the graphic design segment held the largest market share of more than 56.9% in 2022. Growing popularity of custom t-shirts with pre-printed graphics is aiding the growth in the segment.

T-shirts with graphic design are printed with an existing design that does not need to be changed. Immediate customized product at a lesser price is also improving the sales of pre-printed graphic design t-shirts.

Who is the Primary End User in Custom T-shirt Printing Market?

Unisex Clothing to Outpace the Sales of Men Custom Graphic T-Shirts

In terms of end use, the men segment is expected to dominate the global custom t-shirt printing market through 2022. The wide availability of men custom t-shirts due to the increasing demand for men graphic t-shirts is propelling the growth in the segment.

However, the unisex segment is expected to emerge as the growing segment, registering a CAGR of 12.5% from 2023 to 2033. Growing gender fluidity and acceptance of different sexualities has led to an increase in demand for unisex clothing.

Why are Online Sales Preferred by Customers?

Increased Internet Penetration across the Globe to Boost the Sales

In terms of sales channels, the online segment is expected to emerge as the fastest-growing segment, registering a CAGR of 13.1% from 2023 to 2033. Increasing usage of the internet, availability of large discounts and offers, and ease of access are the major factors driving the growth in the segment.

Competitive Landscape

Leading players operating globally in the market are focusing on expansion, development, and new product launches in order to expand their business.

For instance:

  • In 2021, Printful has collaborated with Vexels, the leading design platform for commercial and merch use graphics.
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- Industry Associate - spot_img

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