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The global textile industry is expected to Grow in terms of revenue


grow-in-revenueThe increase in manufacturing of protective equipment for workers is encouraging use of fiber products like nylon. The global textile industry is expected to grow in terms of revenue in the coming years. In addition, innovative technologies for the development of upholstery products obtained from coated fabrics are estimated to increase the market size. Floor furnishings, healthcare and medicinal products and home furnishing products are the trending segments in the market. On the basis of product, the textile market is divided into polyester, natural fibers, nylon and more. Based on raw materials, the market is divided into chemical, silk, wool, cotton and more. Considering application, the market is divided into technical, household, clothing and fashion and much more. North America is the region projected to experience the maximum growth in the coming years. Growth of the textile market will mean the rapid growth of the textile chemical market because of the increase in demand for fabric coatings, pre-treatment of textiles and dyeing.