Gucci and H&M contributing their social media pages to the World Health Organization


In addition to large- donations to COVID-19 aid groups, Gucci and H&M are also contributing their social media pages to the World Health Organization in search of wider-, more prominent outlets.

Dazed notes that the World Health Organization (WHO) will take over Instagram from Gucci — which boasts 40 million followers — as well as other social media outlets from the brand. Official public service information, including methods to protect the health, protection, and well-being of global populations, will be shared during the takeover.

Similarly, H&M has released its accounts for every company trying to use its 120 million people scope for global social media. The brand has 35.1 million followers on Instagram, 8.3 million on Twitter account and more on individual channels in each country.

Earlier, Kering Group, Gucci’s parent company, Balenciaga, and Saint Laurent, announced plans to buy and donate three million face masks from a supplier licensed for CDC operations in China. The donation of Kering will go directly to the French health service. Gucci alone would temporarily suspend fashion production, instead manufacturing one million face masks and 55,000 medical gowns for hospitals across its Italian home country. The Milan-based label also announced a 2 million-euro donation to help counter the COVID-19 damage.


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