H&M to change its Sizing

hmThe new-season H&M garments will bear hang tags bearing the words, “You’ve asked, we’ve listened! We’re changing our sizing. Try on this item to find your size.” These tags will appear on new inventory as a part of a multilateral, multinational move by the company to shift its ladies’ sizing. Affecting the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, and Colombia markets, the hang tags will be the first obvious clues shoppers will likely encounter.

The first phase of the change, which was effected in 2017, included shifting of the brand’s XS–XXL sizing scale by one standard deviation and also adding XXS (reflecting the former measurements of XS) within Divided, a department that typically serves teens and younger customers. The second phase will encompass shifts in numbered sizing, and would soon equate a former size 12 with a current size 10, and a size 10 with an 8.