H&M launches unisex collection


hm-unisexH&M has launched a unisex collection with Denim United that will arrive on hm.com on last week of March 2017. The fast-fashion retailer has described the collection as normcore, a trend back that started back in 2011 that has made a revival, where normal looking clothing is considered fashionable.

Denim United has strayed far away from the traditional male and female approach with this collection. Silhouettes and materials were used interchangeably between men’s and women’s styles. “It’s very natural for us to launch a unisex collection since fashion is constantly evolving and intersecting,” an H&M spokeswoman said to WWD. “Today, we see that there are no boundaries in democratic style. Fashion should always be inclusive.”

The pieces in the collection are over sized and casual, and meant to be easy to mix and match. They are also made from sustainable fabrics, something H&M has become very committed to recently. Price points for the collection range from 19 dollars and 99 cents to 49 dollars and 99 cents.