Hult Prize Returns to Textile Engineering College, Noakhali Campus for Second Time


The anticipation is building at Textile Engineering College, Noakhali, as the prestigious Hult Prize makes its return to the campus for the second time. With an ambitious theme and a dedicated organizing committee, the Hult Prize on-campus round promises to be an exhilarating platform for student innovators.

The Hult Prize, renowned worldwide, is an annual social entrepreneurship competition that challenges university students to develop sustainable solutions to global challenges. Unlike previous years with specific themes, this year’s Hult Prize is embracing an “UNLIMITED” theme for its 15th anniversary. Participants now have the creative freedom to propose any world-changing idea aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This shift empowers students to choose issues they are most passionate about and design innovative solutions, providing a remarkable opportunity for impactful change.

The organizing committee, composed of 23 dedicated members, is led by Campus Director Saef -A- Md. Sadman and Head of Operations Nahian Hasan. Their combined efforts have been instrumental in bringing this prestigious event back to the campus, allowing students to showcase their intellectual ideas and develop essential skills in entrepreneurship, teamwork, and problem-solving.

The committee has been hard at work, ensuring that everything is in place for the upcoming on-campus round. They’ve also put together an impressive advisory panel to guide the event. Notably, the campus principal, Engr. Md. Saifur Rahman serves as the chief advisor. He expressed his enthusiasm for the competition, saying, “I strongly believe this is the best opportunity for our students to showcase their intellectual ideas along with corporate skills, and I encourage you all to embrace the event not only for the competition but also the lifelong commitment to a better future.”