Human Psychology while selecting Denim & Jeans



Jannatul Fersous

From interesting finishes and unconventional cuts to modern, size-inclusive labels, denim is in an exciting place right now. There’s a lot of variety and even more creativity happening in the industry. That said, a good number of denim trends that made baby steps will likely hit peak ubiquity while others that hit hard will likely become less prevalent.

looking-tendencyConsideration for buying denim & Jeans (Men Vs Women):

While purchasing denim jeans, women are more likely than men to say they are more concerned with looking good thank being practical. In a survey by Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor it shows that women are concerned about good looking 51% and practical 43% while men consider good looking only 36% and practical 58%.

What factors are very important to jean purchases (Men VS Women) 

Men & Women consider some parameter while selecting denim &n jeans for himself or herself. In a survey by Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor” Survey, it shows that More than 8 in 10 women (86%) say fit is very important to their denim jean purchases, followed by comfort (78%), a flattering look (73%), price (64%), quality (60%), durability  (59%), and style (56%). screenshot-24

Here some ideas which areto consider to select the best denim jeans to wear-


The Fabric

Pump the Brakes on: Stretchy, Legging-Like Fits; Add to Cart: Rigid, Vintage-Inspired Denim

Following a boom in demand for vintage Levi’s and other old-school jeans, brands like Frame, MiH Jeans, and Khaite (a new label) are releasing their own ultra-stiff, retro-inspired denim. While breaking them in can be a process, the structured fit is a fresh and flattering alternative to the paper-thin stretchy fabric that has dominated shelves for years. Your bum will thank you, trust us.

02The Silhouette

Pump the Brakes on: Restrictive Ankle Cuts; Add to Cart: Wide-Leg and Boot-cut Hems;

A slim-cut jean will never go out of style but if you’re eager to branch out, 2017 is going to be all about bigger, breezier hems. From ultra-wide legs, cropped flares, ‘70s bells, and modern boot-cut silhouettes, ankle-strangling fits might start to feel downright restrictive in the New Year.

The Wash

03Pump the Brakes on: Cheap and Easy Distressing; Add to Cart: White, Ivory and Sand-Color Jeans

Hard-earned fading is one thing, but we’re tired of the machine-made, dialed-in distressing you see on every other pair of jeans. Next year, break in a pair yourself or go for a deeper, darker wash. Or, for something new entirely, try a pair of jeans in a hard white, not-quite-white, or an earthy tan hue. These neutral-color jeans still go with everything in your closet—try a pair this winter with an oversize black sweater and black boots— while appearing more like an “outfit” than your standard baby blues.