Indonesia becomes a popular market for second-hand cloth as population growth continues


The population of Indonesia is becoming more and more interested in secondhand clothing, particularly youth. According to a survey by Indo Textiles, these outfits are very popular among Indonesia’s youthful

urban population. Because the word “thrift” refers to limiting or decreasing waste or saving money, these Indonesians prefer to thrift worn clothing rather than purchasing new ones at the mall or well-known clothing retailer. Brands like Uniqlo, H&M, Pull and Bear, Puma, Adidas, and others offer secondhand apparel in Indonesia through markets or fairs that sell secondhand merchandise.

The Indonesian flea market is located in a number of locations, most notably in the South Gedebage Street neighborhood of Bandung, also known as the Cimol market. Customers searching for inexpensive used clothing frequent the market.