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Industry Opinion Episode: 17-“Expert Feedback on Industry Scenario”

Textile Focus presents Industry Opinion powered by US Cotton Trust Protocol Episode-17 was on the topic- “Expert Feedback on Industry Scenario.” Team Textile Focus received feedback from the industry stakeholders.

Anwar-Ul Alam Chowdhury, Chairman, Evince Group

We are facing new challenges day by day, and we are managing the crisis with competitiveness. The next obstacle will be the changes in consumer purchasing habits. Due to technological advancement, customers work directly with the makers and frequently change their fashion trends. A company like Zara makes a six-turn around a year, which means it delivers the products within 60 days after placing an order to its consumer. However, In terms of denim, it is provided within 45 days. We are also doing the same. As self-contained locally, we produce 55% of denim, more than 90% of knit, and 35% of woven. If anyone expects that Bangladesh can do this alone, then it shall be a misconception. Because China is the biggest exporter and importer of textiles and garments globally, it is manufacturing competitive goods and importing non-competitive goods. Bangladesh is also targeting those competitive products according to its expertise. 

Engr. Md. Mozaffar Hossain, Managing Director, SIM Group

Our honorable Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, has promoted our country from a middle-income country to a developing country. She also promised that Bangladesh would be a developed country within 2041. Increasing the gas bill is her obligatory decision because she has no other alternatives. I have never heard such hard words for industry stakeholders from her. As she said, “How much subsidies government will give? No other country gives a subsidy largely to its industry.” But the honorable Prime Minister has been providing many subsidies in my country. Without this subsidy, the country could not develop the industry. Because of these subsidies and facilities, especially when gas prices were low, people built industries and profited. For the present situation, our prime minister is thinking about our business people. The last information I got is that the LNG’s price was reduced. I hope the government will revise the gas price very soon for the sake of the industry.

Md. Saleudh Zaman Khan, Managing Director, NZ Tex Group

As a dollar-earning company, we think the export-oriented factory’s gas and power tariffs should be separated. But currently, it does not exist. Nowadays, there is no difference between the gas prices of local and export industries. If the government considers this aspect, we will get some solution. We also requested that, as the LNG price is plummeting, the future gas rate should be reduced. Since we are in a textile group, we are working with innovations. Our marketing team is working to deliver Bangladeshi goods throughout the world. We are attending the international fair to make up an incredible connection with the buyers. Due to middle man, many do not know about Bangladesh’s excellent factories and setup. Many buyers are moving from China because of a lack of confidence. Though they do not have enough confidence, we are attempting to attend different fairs with them and trying to exchange their views.

Khaiyam Haque, Director, Mascot Group

After working so many years in the textile industry, I have seen that new challenges and issues will always exist. And that’s the major problem. For instance, Covid-19 was a big issue for us lately. In 40-50 years, we have never seen this before. Since our industries have prominent innovative leaders and minds, we endure the situation and think of new solutions. New problems always give us new solutions. The short-term effect will also have been an issue for us, as prices are going up, challenges will be more brutal, and buyers will also need help placing orders according to our offering prices. But from my point of view, these new challenges will give us new opportunities and innovations.

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