Industry Opinion Episode: 21- “Adaptability of Technology, Digitization in BD RMG Sector”


Textile Focus presents Industry Opinion powered by US Cotton Trust Protocol Episode-21 was on the topic- “Adaptability of Technology, Digitization in BD RMG Sector” Team Textile Focus received feedback from the industry experts.

Dr. Mesba Faruqui, Managing Director, Multifabs Ltd

Technology is vast, and it is impossible to progress without embracing it. We are well aware of the concept of a digital Bangladesh and it is high time to digitalize our factory. Without digitalization, it is challenging to make a profit. The market is competitive and with the integration of technology, the possibility of survival is low. To address these challenges, we have taken proactive steps in our factory by developing an ERP system. This system is unparalleled in its capabilities, allowing us to track production, efficiently manage orders from receipt to shipment, and enable buyers to monitor the progress of their orders. Furthermore, given the constraints in profiting from CM (Cost Margin), we recognize the importance of minimizing wastage in raw materials. Through the use of this advanced system, we can effectively manage and optimize material usage, leading to increased profitability.

Faiaz Rahman, Director, Urmi group

This market poses significant challenges in terms of technology. However, Urmi Group has taken the lead in implementing cutting-edge seamless garments technology. This innovative approach has substantially reduced cutting and sewing costs. With this technology, we can create garments by directly feeding yarn, eliminating the need for traditional cutting and sewing processes. Additionally, we have successfully incorporated RFID technology to swiftly and efficiently identify raw materials and use them. This advancement has streamlined our inventory management and enhanced overall efficiency. Another remarkable technology we utilize is OrgaTEX, an automated dyeing system. By leveraging real-time data, OrgaTEX has significantly reduced errors in the dyeing process, resulting in higher-quality finished products.

Bhaskar Ranjan Saha, Managing Director & Chief Business Officer, The Analyst Limited

Our plan is to raise awareness and develop our people as they are the core of any industry. The systems we implement are for the people, used by the people and their results are enjoyed by the people. Bangladesh aims to achieve $100 billion in export by 2030, and this goal can only be accomplished through people’s development. 

To ensure continuous growth, every industry must establish an in-house learning and development sector for all levels of workers. Mentorship is another essential program, where every manager mentors their team and is mentored by their boss. This way, we create and develop successors, ensuring a strong workforce. If we neglect people’s development, we might have everything else but lack skilled individuals. With the help of Textile focus, I want to deliver the message that industry owners should invest in their management level and establish in-house learning and development centers to secure a prosperous future.

Md. Monirul Islam, Country Head (BD), A-S-S GmbH & Sip-Italy

Fifteen years ago, the running cost of factories was significantly lower compared to today. With buyer costs decreasing day by day, it has become essential to adapt and implement automation systems to remain competitive. In our factory, we have invested in complete jeans manufacturing machines, such as the pocket setup machine, which can perform 9 different operations in a single unit.

By utilizing this technology, we can reduce the number of operators required, thus lowering worker costs, and reallocating them to other sections as needed. The incorporation of automatic machines not only helps in cost-saving but also increases our production capacity. As production levels rise, so does the potential for increased profits. Embracing automation is a crucial step in ensuring the survival and growth of our industry in the face of evolving market demands.