The Italian textile industry has adopted block chain in a big way


Blockchain is a technology that enables use of a distributed database in management of shareable transactions between manifold nodes of a network. Every block of the chain will track, monitor and authenticate the movements that concern it to make a network which guarantees the traceability of all transactions. The technology uses cryptographic tools in order to ensure the maximum security per individual transaction. Blockchain technology is aimed at supporting the made in Italy project, protect its uniqueness and quality such as certifying the supply chain thanks to the mechanism of the shared register which enables attaining maximum security regarding counterfeit stabs. In particular the traceability of the tanning and textile sector chain by the use of distributed ledger technology (DLT) will add something significant to protect the made in Italy goods. Some Italian companies have already started applying blockchain technology in their production chain.

Traceability of the supply chain, through the use of Blockchain technology, is expected to contribute to protecting the Made in Italy product, certifying its effective implementation in Italy, contributing to increasing consumer confidence, also creating conditions of transparency, guarantee for employment and environmental protection.