Jeans re-born, a recycling idea

Israfil Alam Rana, Assistant Manager (R&D)

Sister Denim Composite Limited (Thermax Group)

It happens to everyone, eventually. You’ve lived in them, patched them, maybe even cut them off. But despite your best efforts, it’s time to say hello again to your beloved denim blue jeans. Before you kick them to the plastic bin on the curb, consider a few more creative options remaining which you never thought before. So, why waste! Let’s have some ideas for your future savings and styles. Jeans recycle idea comes through its long lasting natural looks and its durable time. It hold its royal looks even it gets to near death when you really want to buy new one.

Re-use in you:

re-use-in-youIf you’re looking for a quick and easy way to turn long-legged jeans into summertime shorts or bermuda just do it. Sometimes you can attach old jeans pockets in your new one. Make hand gloves, hand bands, mobile covers etc.


bagsLegs of the old jeans will make wonderful wine bags. It’s easier to make a jeans bag by own. You are a designer in this way by choosing what design you want to create. You can easily make Clutch, Hobo,Laptop bag, Shoulder bag, Sling Bag, Wristlet, Backpack, wallet, camera bag etc.

Household & office items:

house-holdCutting the good parts of your jeans into squares and sewing them together makes an excellent quilt. Apart from this used jeans also make appealing pillows, aprons, gloves, pot holders, ottoman, place mats, pen holders, canvas arts, furniture covering. Recycling sandals gives soft feel and good foot support in bedrooms. Laptop bags, Mouse pads, pen holders, flower case, note book covering gets priority in office use. It’s cheaper way to make decorative.


ornamentsJeans always a preferable fashion to women. With the touch of jeggings, shorts tumblr, jackets they using matched ornaments made by recycled jeans like earrings, shoes, caps, hair bands, bracelets, hair bow etc.

Decorative items:

decorative-itemsYou can make dolls if you have making ideas. For doing this you have to keep knowledge about cutting and sewing to attach different parts. Pillow covers, Furniture covering, hanging wall pockets, denim bed cover, cushion covers etc. Now a days jeans wall art getting attention to artists to make denim flavor in canvas.


insulationsOld denims can be recycled into insulation materials used for homes, offices, hotels etc. These insulation materials are made up of 85% factory scraps consisting of cotton fibres, and natural denim. It provides outstanding thermal virtues and 30% better sound absorption comparatively over similar sound proof materials. Recycled cotton materials from used blue jeans are used as a part of carpet backing and sound absorption in cars.

Recycled jeans are a great and creative way to dress up while going ones contribution to the environment as well. Recycled products have the lowest carbon footprint. So it’s time to recycle, reuse, and reduce carbon footprints.