Leggings becoming popular to wear absolutely everywhere

Ataullah Al Farhancover-photoNow a days black leggings have become so universal that they probably get more wear-time than almost any other item in wardrobe. Which, of course, makes sense: They’re just as versatile as your favorite jeans, and, let’s face it, probably a lot more comfortable. Even better, they can be worn almost everywhere, from yoga to work to that first date with the sexy bae you met at the bar.

Black leggings are an outfit no-brainer, sure, but even no-brainers require at least a little thought now and again—there’s a big difference between looking effortless and like you didn’t try at all. Here, five ways to ensure black leggings nail the former vibe, not the latter.

Day to Night01

We’ve all had those days: tons of errands to run followed by big plans for fun later and no time to change in between. Find the balance between comfy and cool by pairing black leggings with a super-soft T-shirt and a statement-making (and waist-whittling) puffer jacket. Sleek accessories—like embellished mid-heel booties, a rose gold Fitbit bracelet, and a miniature wristlet purse—dress up everything just enough without looking too precious.

02Girls’ Night
The main requirements for a stellar Friday night: an up-for-anything attitude and an outfit that works no matter where you end up. Balance the body-con nature of leggings with something billowy, like an off-the-shoulder top. It’s unexpected and, when paired with mules and a tasseled shoulder bag, channels a breezy, just-back-from-St.-Tropez appeal.


Leggings can be worn in the office, just as long as you remember one key rule: Your coworkers do not need visual proof of how dedicated you are to barre class, so keep your assets under wraps. A structured, hip-length cardigan and silky button down make it easy. All you need now are power flats and a boss-lady bag.

04Date Night

All-black is always chic and ultra-flattering. Treat leggings like tights and layer them under a sheer peasant dress. To up the bohemian appeal, pull on thigh-high boots and finish with eye-catching accessories like a patterned clutch and gleaming silver Fitbit lariat.


Weekends call for easy-wearing classics, but classics don’t have to be boring. A striped Breton top and denim jacket go from brunch to Barneys easily, while pom-pom-embellished sneakers, a metallic cross body bag, and a sweetly hued lavender Fitbit add a hit of futuristic, sports-inspired cool.


Source: ELLE Fashion