Levi’s ranked top for green supply chain practice

leviaes-storeAccording to the Green Supply Chain CITI (Corporate Information Transparency Index) evaluation report, published by Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE), Levi’s has been ranked as the world’s top ranked apparel brand in a report which assesses leading global brands on their green supply chain practices in Asia. The next best placed apparel brands are C&A, followed by Nike, both of which are which major risers in the list. Primark, H&M, Inditex and Target are all also in the top ten in the report, which indicates that the apparel industry is pressing suppliers in Asia harder than ever on textile pollution information disclosure. The report aims to use environmental big data to generate solutions to help leading multinational and local brands develop green procurement on a greater scale. In all, 306 brands were ranked, 76 in the textile and apparel sectors.

The report also shows that 10 apparel retailers have now joined the IPE Green Supply Chain Map, the only tool in the world to openly link leading multinational corporations to their suppliers’ environmental performance. These ten brands include Adidas, Esprit, Gap, Inditex, Levi’s, New Balance, Nike, Puma, Target and Tesco. The latest report shows a huge spike in the number of apparel brands which are using the IPE’s database to screen their Chinese suppliers for environmental compliance and push them to disclose information.