MagnaColours® wows with UV reactive invisible ink

Leading manufacturers of water-based screen-printing inks, MagnaColours® announced the launch of a new ink. MagnaPrint® Invisible Ink is a UV reactive product, which when placed under UV light glows bright blue. Invisible ink can be used as a top coat, or to print a design when mixed with a MagnaPrint® Eco Pigment.

Magna developed Invisible Ink to meet the demand for a water-based UV reactive ink from screen-printers. This will allow printers to produce garments with invisible designs or messages which will glow blue immediately once placed under UV light (black light), creating products with a unique effect.

Helen Parry, Managing Director of MagnaColours® said: “Increasingly, printers want to be able to add new and exciting features and elements to the garments they print, and so demand for special effect inks are growing. We found that there was a demand for UV reactive inks amongst the screen-printers that we work with and supply our products to, so once again we’ve led the way.”

“It’s an exciting time for water-based inks, and the development of our Invisible Ink is just another demonstration of how far water-based inks have progressed. We’ve been making the impossible possible, with our unique range, so printers no longer have to rely on harmful chemical-based inks to achieve new and exciting effects. We have more similar exciting new colour change effects in the pipeline.”

MagnaColours® strives to provide environmentally sustainable water-based alternatives to widely used chemical-based inks traditionally used throughout the screen printing industry. Through their innovative and creative approach, Magna are leading the way in water-based inks. As with the entire Magna product range, Invisible Ink has been developed to the highest levels of environmental scrutiny whilst providing superior finishes. Magna’s Invisible Ink will launch this November, and will be available through distributors.