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Why Marble-Style Jeans are About to Blow Up in 2020


marble-style-jeansJeans are undoubtedly the backbone of our wardrobes and are probably the only clothing item we cannot let go come spring, winter, fall, or summer. But over the past few years, we saw the denim trend taking a turn towards the stale. Despite our pleas to let some trends such as the skinny jeans go, they’re still being manufactured. Even without success, some brands remain resolute in designing their version of Levi’s 501 jean. Are denim jeans that are truly cool and new looking too much to ask for?

Apparently not. After scraping through a lot of photos from the fall/winter 2018 and 2019 runways, I predicted the rise of marble printed jeans trend for the new year ahead. Even the internet shows that marble and zebra print, as well as more buttons and leg buttoning, are what we’ll be sporting or sneaking our way into, all year long.

Marble printed jeans have been all the rage and will continue to gain more popularity, especially into the coming year. Below are some of the reasons why marble printed jeans are about to blow up in 2020, so you can prepare yourself to get in on the new trend before you fall victim to another year of stale, faded or awful looking jeans.

Marble prints are cool and trendy

We start noticing some fashion trends gradually. But before you could say Jack Robinson (or, before you give your keen eye some accolades), you’ll find them almost everywhere. That’s exactly what happened with marble! Marble has been around for donkey’s years and will never go out of style.

Just when this natural stone-as-photoreal-print appeared to be rocking the interior design and home decoration moment, it had found its way into our Facebook, and Instagram feeds. Maybe next time, you shouldn’t blink – because marble prints is now a trending fashion.

In the past years, we noticed this fashion trend popping up on DIY projects, home goods, T-shirts, Shoes, party dresses, and other fashion accessories. Now, marble printed colors and patterns have spread from the one-time phone case to jeans – yes, our beloved denim jeans! Its more unique style is trumping the plain finishes, sublime shades, and other extremely saturated tones that normally dominate the world of fashion, thus, giving us a new cool and trendy pattern to obsess over.

Marble prints are beautiful and stylish

Marble prints on jeans make a statement all on their own since they go out of the norm. These prints with their unique patterns and colors make jeans look more beautiful and eye-grabbing, only that they showcase their beauty in a less obvious, attention-seeking manner.

Marble printed jeans are a fun way to add an attractive combination of glamor and vitality to your outfit. If you’re a tee and jean type, you can choose one with a cool and attractive pattern and color, like this, to grace your outfit. What’s more interesting is that the graphic element offered by these prints can turn your everyday basics into something more special – so you can have a dapper look or get yourself flattered with the right pair without compromising the comfort of jeans that you love.

Available in different print colors

While the common marble print colors and patterns are the white (Carrara) marble print, gray marble wash, black marble print, and blue marble wash, more colors and patterns are achievable. Moreover, since the recent boom in marble utilization, different brands all around the world are being motivated to create unusual and innovative marble design patterns and prints colors. That means you can find a pattern and color that you can conveniently pair with other outfits and accessories to spice up your outfits or add some contrast to your wardrobe.

Versatile and easy to match

Printed jeans are extremely easy to match with other garments and accessories; this is mostly because of their simple but stylish design. Gray marble wash and white marble print colors will go with almost any outfit style. Whether you want chic attire, semi-formal, or casual wear, you can easily find an appropriate shoe and top to sport with a pair of quality marble printed jeans. Also, marble printed jeans are available in different styles, so whether you’re looking for skinny, low rise, tapered, or relaxed fit jeans, you’ll surely find the one that suits you.

Anyone can wear it

Old or young, man or woman, fat or thin – anyone can wear a pair of marble printed jeans. Just like people, marble-printed jeans come in unique patterns, colors, sizes, shapes, and styles. That’s why anyone will look fabulous in a well-selected pair of marble jeans. You can find more information at FashionAdict.

They are durable

Marble printed jeans are made of denim – a sturdy cotton twill textile that is known for its sheer strength and durability. You’ll have to put these suckers through a lot of punishments before they can tear or fall apart.

Above are just a few of the many reasons why marble-printed jeans are about to blow up in 2020. So, what attracts you to this durable, stylish, and versatile garment?