Meet the engineers

AAA Control (training & advising) held regular session on “MEET THE ENGINEERS” on 3rd February 2017 with special guest Engr. Sumayel Md. Mallik (IEB-Fellow, MBA), Vice President of Anlima Yarn Dyeing Ltd. and hosted by Engr. Momtaz Ahmed, Head of AAA graduates from different universities and job holders from different renowned export-oriented textile organizations participated in this session. Graduates and students from BUTex, DIU, SMUCT, Prime Asia University, Begumgonj Textile Engineering College, Chittagong, and job holders from DBL, Utah Group of Companies, Viyellatex participated in the session. The discussion started with yarn dyeing prospects in Bangladesh, but participants’ encouragement and enthusiasm brought attention to know about present job markets for textile-apparel graduates. The special guest with having more than 23-years of leading experiences in the textile sector intelligently pointed out them the gap where they can proof themselves important for the sector with their technical education and devotion. This well-known textile expert pressurized future leaders to learn most from practical surrounding (reading newspapers, magazines, journals, searching internet, participating trainings, seminars, workshops, different sessions, visiting fairs and exhibitions along with academic importance.  The host, Engr. Momtaz Ahmed who is more than 19 years of experienced in textile-garment sector, explained to graduates the importance of attending of professional trainings and he believed that training is the prime key for exponential professional growth of job holders.