Mitro Signs with Beautiful Jackets Limited

We are happy to announce that we have onboarded Beautiful Jackets Limited, founded in 1993, an RMG institution specialized in making critical sewing and value-added products to accelerate the adoption of financial wellness through Mitro. Beautiful Jackets Limited, with its advanced mechanized production facilities, is catering to clients all over Europe and North America as well as Local Conglomerates.

Beautiful Jackets Limited

The MoU was signed at Beautiful Jackets Limited’s premises on the 19th of November in the presence of Kishwar Hashemee, CEO at Mitro Fintech Limited, Touhidul Tishad, CTO, Business Development, Rezaur Rahman Robin, AVP, Business Development, Subael Sarwar, Director, Beautiful Jackets Limited (Penta Group), and Md. Moynul Islam Mamun, Executive Director, Beautiful Jackets Limited.

Beautiful Jackets Limited

Through this association, employees of Beautiful Jackets Limited will have immediate access to their earned pay and may maintain the financial security of their personnel. With Earned Wage Access (“EWA”), employees can access their wages without having to wait until payday. Employers directly gain from lower employee migration, increased productivity, increased retention, reduced absenteeism, and more employee engagement.

To learn more about Mitro and earned wage access, please visit our website at or contact us by phone at +880-130-777-0503 or email at