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All You Need to Know About Perfectly Tailored Suit

Men don’t get a lot of opportunity to dress up but wearing a great suit is their moment to shine. With their shoulders broadened, clean frames, leaner appearance, and suave-brutish look is what makes you dapper. When you wear a good suit, you feel good about yourself and you feel great about the way you look. However, all of this is only possible if you invest in the right suit that has been tailored to perfection.

tailored-suitAny man would know how important it is for the suit to fit like a charm, especially if you have rented ill-fitted ones and felt like a misfit all evening. As far as sartorial sense is concerned, there are fewer things that are worse than wearing a bad suit. We don’t have to tell you this as you already know how a simple nip and tuck on an off-the-rack suit can also make you look like a million bucks.

Having said that, in this article we will tell you what makes a great looking suit so that you can get a signature piece for your collection.

Don’t go wrong with the trouser hemming

It is very common for guys to go wrong with the trouser hemming, especially when they get them tailored. Even the most celebrated Hollywood stars make this mistake of wearing ankle-baring pants. All you need is a little extra length and you are all set! The ideal size is the one that is neither too short that it lands above the ankles, nor too short that it gathers at your feet. You can be playful with the hemming but always maintain the length for sharp looking suit.

Check the shoulder fitting

The shoulders of your suit jacket should fit you like your own skin. If they are tight, then you would not only have trouble moving your arms but the discomfort visible on your face will ruin the look too. If you notice that the shoulder lines are not aligned with your body’s natural lines, then you need to get it fixed. Shoulders are the first place where even the most expert tailors fail. So if you want to identify the Best Suit Tailors in Dubai, then give them the task of fitting your shoulders. The ones who are able to alter your shoulders perfectly are keepers. You can trust them with your expensive fabric because they will do justice to it!

Maintain the right sleeve length

As important as your trousers, you must maintain your trouser length, it is equally important to ensure that you do not have over long sleeves. According to experts, an ideal length is a jacket sleeve that ends quarter inch or half an inch above your shirt sleeves. At this length, just the right amount of cuff is visible out of the jacket. If your jacket sleeves are reaching your knuckles, then it is a tad too long. Amateur tailors would often elongate the sleeves to mask ill fitted cuffs or dysfunctional cuff buttons. The best tailors, however, will measure sleeves from the shoulder and ensure it ends right above the cuffs.

Check the collar gap

Not many people notice this but a collar gap can not only look unsightly but is also a sign of an ill-fitted suit. This can happen for a variety of reasons. More often than not, this can be fixed and the small gap problem can be overcome easily. Just make sure you can keep an eye out for the gap between your suit jacket and shirt collar when buying a suit. Unless you have a good tailor who you trust implicitly, avoid buying it in the first place.

Take your jacket waist into account

Many suit jackets are designed in such a way that they try to accommodate men of all kinds of midsection and girth. However, if you have a well shaped midsection, then this jacket will look boxy on you. While this is an important thing to consider if you want perfect fit, no need to pursue this fitting aggressively. Aim for comfortably fitting a closed fist between your shirt and jacket when the top button is closed.

There are many ways to play around with the fitting of your suit that will make you look tall and lean. From tapering sleeve and trousers to keeping a close eye on fit, these little things will go a long way in helping you find a well fitted suit or get one stitched from the scratch. So make sure you find a tailor who understands all these elements that make a great looking suit. Moreover, discuss all these points to ensure you are both on the same page.



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