Pakistan to increase textile and clothing exports to $15 billion

pakistans-exportsAccording to  All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA), export enablers ensured by the government are likely to increase textile and clothing exports to $15 billion during remaining period of the current fiscal year. APTMA appreciated the government for recognizing the importance of exporting industry and providing regionally competitive energy to five zero rated sectors. It urged the government to ensure supply of energy on regionally competitive price in order to ensure stability.

The association says, proposed to constitute a task force on cotton production to achieve 15 million bales and ensure implementation of vertical & horizontal growth of cotton, acquisition of high yield cotton technology, broad basing of sustainable cotton production, provision of agricultural extension services and provision of direct support to farmers to reduce their input cost. It also urged the government to liquidate all textile industry refunds of sale tax, income tax, policy & package initiatives.