Pakiza Software Ltd is revolutionizing the industry with “Excellence, Intelligence – Automation” to create a Bionic industry


Md. Rakibul Islam Khan, Managing Director Pakiza Knit Group and Pakiza Software Ltd. said to Textile Focus “We started the software for our production unit seven years ago as some experiment and found more helpful for production that could provide solutions and keep all the internal records safely. Our experts manage day-to-day issues that have been observed during production and solved immediately as faster service. Later, we broadened the concept to utilize our software expertise throughout the Bangladesh RMG sector.  Because the sector is still in need of various production-related software that could serve dynamic solutions with excellence. So have ventured for the next level of service out of our internal production process to start innovation.” 

Figure: Md. Rakibul Islam Khan, Managing Director Pakiza Knit Group and Pakiza Software Ltd.

“Pakiza Software Ltd. is the dwelling where creatures and algorithms blend to apparent the full diagnoses of today’s smart ecosystem for industry evolution. We are satiated to have contributed to the nation’s economy for the last 41 years through our mother concern Pakiza Group. And we aspire to utilize more verticals to contribute so by never wavering on our values. I hope we will support the textile, RMG, and other sectors for business process automation under our dynamic team.” Md. Rakibul Islam Khan shared his objectives.

In the initiation of the market, Pakiza is combining a striving team of 75 professionals to establish a new landmark and distinction from other companies. There is a strong team for implementation and post-implementation support consisting of 20 experts along with a development team of 25 immaculate, experienced, and dynamic coders.10 experts are also deployed in the system and business process for customer care, and 08 highly experienced, skilled, and self-motivated personnel for business development. 03 specified domain professionals for R&D, 03 experts for quality assurance of the product, and 06 HR professionals knowing the proper practice of HR & Payroll from manpower budget to final settlement.

“After forming the software company, we realized to establish a highly innovative supportive team to launch it in the market. As more and more challenges have come up in the development and to provide services, we had to wait for more than two years to set up a customer base supportive team. Now we feel Pakiza Software Ltd can provide complete solutions in the RMG and any kind of business area.” Said Md. Rakibul Islam Khan.

“There are many challenges that have been faced by experts during development of the software and to implement it in the process. The biggest challenges were to get an innovative team with practical experience to provide the required service and to build flawless software for the various aspects of the production process and business. In this regard, we are contributing and helping to find new experts in the software sector.” He also added.

Pakiza Group approached with the most judicious techno tools called Cripton Pro ERP developed by Pakiza Software Ltd. for initiating the revolutionary step to transform the textile & RMG, and other industries into a Bionic Industry with the slogan of “Excellence – Intelligence – Automation”.

Product ranges of Pakiza Software Ltd.:

22 different product verticals with Mobile APS. The app features News, Circulars, Industry Information, Member Directory, Photos and Videos. Members will get instant notifications of updated information, including circulars and news, on their mobile phones through this app. The app will serve as a one-stop source for all information related to Textile Industry.

Industry Coverage:

Textile & RMG, Treading and other Manufacturing Industries, VAT, Leather and Footwear Industry, Education, Retail POS and Distribution Management, Government ERP.

Current customers:

Fortis Group, Fakir Group, Mondol Group, Sharmin Group, Pakiza Group, Edison Group, OMC, Zoom Group, AUST, BP Plastic, Zaman Agro, Fardin Group, Silk International Limited, Nort-West Power Generation Company, Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change. Tricot Fashion Ltd. Splendor Corporation.

Md. Rakibul Islam Khan informed Textile Focus “Vision for digitalized Bangladesh our mission is to introduce digital process in every process of RMG sector by providing and developing software. We believe the Pakiza software can make a revolutionary change and can be the pioneer to provide services by industrial software.”

“PTVL always loves to optimize, not to be lowest in price, its solution to meet its client’s requirement and thus ensure value for money as the visibility of ICT projects is result driven, it ensures the promised result, and the project outcome becomes visible.” He further added.