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Pinter Group now owns Swiss specialty yarn technology and machinery provider Amsler Tex AG


Pinter GroupPinter group a world leader in Color Effect yarn, Core Spun yarn, Spindle tracking, and laboratory appliances now owns well-known Swiss specialty yarn technology and machinery provider Amsler Tex AG. The acquisition without revealing any commercial value was revealed in a joint statement by Pinter and Amsler. Amsler has established the cyclical nature of the specialty yarn machinery market, the key explanation for the deal being concluded over the last two years, and the continuous recovery caused by the Covid 19 pandemic.
In this context, Amsler Tex and Pinter Group find a compromise to ensure that both Amsler and Pinter Group consumers are able to sustain the supply of high-level goods and services. Pinter Group has taken over the value-added machinery business of Amsler and includes all the equipment, based on this agreement.
From now on, Amsler will cease operations and Pinter Group will manage all new Amsler inquiries for new equipment and replacement components, as well as technical support and assurances for Amsler products that have been installed. In the next couple of weeks and months, the Amsler company will probably deliver and mount the currently pending orders.
In its products and services in the area of value-added yarns machinery, the Pinter Group is now proud to represent the respected Amsler technology consumers. All customers can be confident that all Pinter Community members are highly motivated to do whatever they can to meet all parties’ high expectations. Furthermore, Amsler Tex is thanked for their faith in this extraordinary transformation by Pinter Group management.
In Bangladesh, Pinter group is represented and marketed by renowned machine supplier TeXco tech.