Positive Business in August leads the Cotton Corporation of India (CCI) to boost prices

2-50After the Successful Transaction in August, the Cotton Corporation of India (CCI) continued to boost prices in the floor, thus reducing discounts and limiting volume trading. This move decreases CCI ‘s advantage in cotton prices and weakens sales in September. According to the CCI announcement, on September 7, the CCI average stock floor prices for the cotton stocks were Rs 35,340 per candy for 2018/19, and Rs 36,600 per candy for 2019/20.

The overall quantitative limit is 2 lakh bales a day and 10 lakh bales are sold to a single buyer in a cotton season for the sale of bales in total. The MSME spinning mills, KVIC units and Co-operative Spinning Mills will earn a reduction of Rs 300/- per candy at a sales rate. For that segment (except KVIC / Government Mills) a cap will be set for the quantity of 15,000 bales in the cotton season.