Practical experience is a must for fashion education

fashion-educationA recent survey of students studying fashion shows that students are very eager for practical knowledge. The survey was conducted by The Business of Fashion, a leading website for savvy writers and fashion insiders in style capitals around the world. More than 1000 students participated in that survey and most of them showed their thrust for practical training and real-life exposure to how the industry actually works.

The fashion-related study must include opportunities for hands-on practical work experience in the real fashion world, especially now that the industry is being radically reshaped by forces ranging from rapid globalization and digital media to shifting consumer expectations and widespread economic uncertainty. The only way to get a real sense of the wide range of approaches is to see them in practice in the real world. In this way, many paths and models have become successful. According to the survey, only 68 per cent of BA students were satisfied with their work placements and internships. Interestingly 83 per cent of CSM students surveyed report that they are satisfied with their work placements, which often lead to full-time jobs. . While CSM’s students are dissatisfied with many other elements of their learning experience, one area where the school does shine is in practical experience.

Now it is the demand of time to adequately prepare the study module as per the practical experience with real track results.

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