Quality Group shake hand with TDS Soft Link for RMG Defenders ERP


We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership that promises to redefine excellence in the world of garment manufacturing.

TDS Soft Link proudly welcomes Quality Group, a stalwart in the garments industry since 1992, into our family. With a legacy of trust and innovation, Quality Group has chosen us to revolutionize their operations across 5 dynamic units.

This momentous collaboration is not just about software; it’s about setting new industry standards and embracing the future of garment manufacturing.

👉 Why RMG Defenders ERP?
✅ A-to-Z Automation for Garments Industry
✅ Unparalleled Efficiency and Productivity
✅ Real-time Data Insights for Informed Decisions
✅ Tailored Solutions for Every Garment Niche
✅ Enhanced Supply Chain Management
✅ Unrivaled Quality Control
✅ Seamless Collaboration Across Units