RMG Entrepreneurs demand separate building code for garment industry


Entrepreneurs have demanded the formulation of a separate building code for the country’s garment industry to ensure industry safety, considering its investment cost.

They also called for bringing some changes to the Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) rules for the interim building standard, saying it is much harder than the ACCORD framework standard.

They placed the demands during a discussion on the RSC (RMG Sustainability Council) at Gulshan Club in the capital on Saturday, oragnised by Forum – a panel of the BGMEA’s election. 

Faisal Samad, the panel leader of Forum and a president candidate in the BGMEA election, chaired the session. 

Addressing the session, Nafis Ud Doula, the director of RSC, said currently apparel entrepreneurs are facing the five most common problems regarding the RSC framework.

He pointed out the unprotected steel structure of the interim building, undersized pumps, delayed approvals of design, and fire protection in warehouse racking.

Addressing the concerns raised during the discussion, Forum leader Faisal presented possible steps that he would take to solve them. He said if he was elected, every member of the BGMEA would work in the best interest of the association.

“Considering the nature of the industry, the apparel industry needed a separate building code, as it is not like other buildings 

“ACCORD standard has been adopted in the country for the last 10 years. However, BNBC rules are sometimes harder than ACCORD, which required further cost to comply with.”

Addressing the event, BGMEA former president Anwar-ul-Alam Chowdhury Parvez said the Underwriters Laboratories certification under the Bangladesh National Building Code should be a certain standard, instead of a mandatory certification.

He further said any certification that required a cost needed to be removed from the national building code.

Addressing the discussion, former BGMEA president Rubana Huq said, “If Faisal Samad becomes the next BGMEA president, I will personally guarantee that there will be not a single problem regarding the RMG Sustainability Council.”

Among others, Mohammad Abdus Salam, the founder of the Asian Group, and Mohammed Abdur Rahim, vice chairman of DBL Group, also spoke.