RMG exports reached $38.57bn during the July-April of FY23

As per the latest released statistics by the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB), our RMG exports reached US$ 38.57 billion during the July-April of 2022-23 fiscal year, reflecting a 9.09% increase compared to the same time period in the previous fiscal year.
A detailed breakdown of the various categories indicates that knitwear exports reached $20.96 billion, while woven garment exports become US$17.60 billion with 8.97% and 9.24% year-over-year growth respectively, which indicated a steady growth in Bangladesh’s overall RMG export earnings.
Mohiuddin Rubel, Director of BGMEA and Additional Managing Director, Denim Expert Limited said, Regardless of the overall positive trend, a more detailed inspection of single month statistics reveals a recent decline in apparel export growth.

In April, the country’s RMG exports observed a significant decline of 15.48%, amounting to US$3.32 billion compared to the April 2022. The amalgamation of these declines contributed to the overall descending trend in recent months, which stands in contrast to the otherwise positive trajectory for the mentioned period in 2022-23 fiscal year.