Road to Champion Season 3′ by Textile Engineers Society Sets Stage for National Brilliance in Textiles


In a celebration of intellect and innovation, the esteemed Textile Engineers Society has unveiled the remarkable saga of the ‘Road to Champion Season 3’ national online competition. This prestigious contest, held to explore the frontiers of creativity and innovation in the dynamic field of textiles, has emerged as the beacon guiding the nation’s brightest minds through a journey of discovery and excellence. Spanning multiple stages, this competition has become the crucible for shaping the future of textile engineering, with participants pushing their limits to redefine the possibilities within the intricate world of textiles.

The competition unfolded in four meticulously designed stages. The journey began in December 2023 with a stimulating online quiz that attracted a staggering 132 teams from across Bangladesh. Only 40 teams, having proven their mettle, advanced to the subsequent round, tasked with submitting an article on a topic among the top five deserving topics.

Sixteen formidable teams emerged from this stage, ready to showcase their visual concepts in the “Picture Perspective Battle.” Eight finalists, each brimming with originality and passion, then entered the grand finale: the Case Challenge. Here, they tackled real-world design problems, captivating the judges and audience alike with their resourcefulness and ingenuity.

“Austex Panorama”, composed of talented AUST students, consistently impressed throughout the competition. Their winning designs, characterized by both innovation and sustainability, ultimately secured them the coveted first place, leaving behind a field of highly competent rivals. National Institute of Textile Engineering and Research’s “Dysprosium 1.0 (NITER)” claimed a commendable second position, while Chittagong Textile Engineering College’s “Charmuse” secured the third spot.

The judging panel, presided over by industry luminaries, included Abdullah Al Mamun, Business Unit Manager of Marks & Spencer, Riyasat Zaman, Co-Founder, and Chief Technology Officer of Ecovia Limited, and HRB Ranjan, Project Office Manager at Quality Assurance Cell, BUET and founder of “My study friends”. The event was presented by Nausheen Fashion, sponsored by SSB Leather.

It’s noteworthy that the competition not only served as a platform for academic excellence but also fostered learning through 8 training sessions for the initial 132 participating teams, with an additional session tailored for the finalists. The ‘Road to Champion Season 3’ continues to be a beacon for innovation and excellence in the realm of textile engineering and education.

Writer: Md. Nabil Hassan, General Team Member, TES, NITER