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ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei, SUPREME GREEN COTTON® by Varvaressos, ECOSENSOR™ by Asahi Kasei: three smart leading textile companies to support “Imagining Sustainable Fashion Award”


unnamedThree smart international companies representing leading eco high tech successful innovations, after the journey toward responsible innovation are today at the forefront of the next challenge: align the communication of fashion with new sustainability values, so important for the consumer.

Until today, the communication of sustainability has been quite often  too generic and sometime even misleading; anyway very far from the real new generation of values it can generate and that are speaking SO loud to contemporary consumer. Imagining Sustainable Fashion is one of the first answers to this challenge;

“Imagining Sustainable Fashion is a competition of ideas and creativity, but also a ‘wake up’ call for all those companies that have made investments, have innovated to achieve loftier ethical and responsible goals, but do not communicate them. Simply put: if you live these values and you don’t communicate them, no value will be recognized,” conclude Anna Detheridge and Giusy Bettoni.

As in the words of Mr. Takaaki Kondo, General Manager of ROICA™ Global Marketing Department of Asahi Kasei and Main Sponsor of the Award: “ROICA™ is a world leading company bringing forward innovation and sustainability to manufacture premium smart and high-tech stretch for the wardrobe of tomorrow. We strongly believe that together with responsible innovation, communication is the key to bring sustainability to the next level: to inspire, educate, inform and allow both professionals and consumers to make the right choices.” Continues Kondo: “That’s why we decided to endorse the “Imagining Sustainable Fashion Award”. It’ is time to be pioneer also in communication, and we are looking forward to discovering ideas, visions and projects of the participants of the competition”.

And to continue with Mr. Giannis Tzortzis, SUPREME GREEN COTTON® Public Relations and Sales Manager at Varvaressos: “I’m inviting all creative minds to join our efforts towards a sustainable, traceable and transparent fashion future. We decided to support Imagining Sustainable Fashion because we believe that communication is the key to bridge over today’s gap between intention and action. It is up to you to find extraordinary ways to engage people and inspire change.”

And last but not least the words of Mr. Hashimoto, senior manager director, Asahi Kasei Advance who run ECOSENSOR™ fabric collection: “A new set of values is born within the world of responsible fashion and textiles business. Consumers’ needs have moved towards new pillars such as traceability, transparency, water, energy, CO2 savings, material health and social values. In this perspective, innovation plays an important key role, as it makes it possible to achieve important objectives and targets from a sustainable point of view. But when it comes to communicate all these values, we still experience some difficulties nowadays. Imagining Sustainable Fashion Award is the opportunity to find the most effective way to spread this new era of consciousness.”

The project is a collaboration between Connecting Cultures, a non-profit research agency spearheading the Out of Fashion platform, and C.L.A.S.S., a smart platform that offers innovative tools for those directly interested in responsible fashion and textile business.