Rossari is poised to strengthen its textile business in Bangladesh


Rossari is poised to strengthen its textile business in Bangladesh.

Puneet Arora, Director (Textiles & Strategic Initiatives), Rossari Biotech Ltd

Rossari Biotech Limited, a prominent manufacturer of specialty chemicals for the textile industry, has been operating in Bangladesh for over a decade and has identified substantial business opportunities in the market. The company has cultivated robust relationships with leading corporate groups in the country, a key factor in driving its success. Rossari Biotech is also lauded for its commitment to delivering exceptional customer service, a pivotal element in keeping its clients satisfied.

Puneet Arora, Director (Textiles & Strategic Initiatives), of Rossari Biotech Ltd, emphasized the company’s dedication to its core strengths, including innovative product development, efficient internal processes, and unwavering customer satisfaction. Given the constantly evolving nature of the textile industry, Rossari’s latest product range positions it as a frontrunner in the field. Mr. Arora also highlighted the company’s aspiration for sustainable growth through continuous technological advancement and enhanced productivity. He underscored Rossari Biotech’s commitment to sustainability and its array of products designed to contribute to a greener environment. Recent acquisitions have significantly expanded the company’s business network, while bolstering the team has improved its ability to provide responsive and customer-centric solutions. Mr. Arora is excited to announce the appointment of Mr. Sujit Saha Roy as the Country Head of Textile Business in Bangladesh.

Sujit Roy, Country Manager-Rossari Bangladesh

Mr. Sujit Roy, Country Manager of Rossari Biotech, expressed the company’s primary focus on providing steadfast support to its customers. With a seasoned team and a proactive approach, staying abreast of the latest market trends has enabled the company to continually improve its products and services. Recognizing the challenges faced by customers dealing with rising raw material and input costs, Rossari Biotech Ltd is diligently working on developing innovative and sustainable solutions to help them achieve their business objectives. Mr. Roy firmly believes that the combination of innovative product offerings and a customer-centric approach will establish Rossari as a leader in the Bangladesh textile industry, and he is enthusiastic about contributing to the growth of this thriving textile business.

Rossari, now a backward-integrated company with ethoxylation, propoxylation, and silicones, has six production sites in India, making it the largest chemical manufacturer in the country. Its robust infrastructure and fully equipped R&D lab facility at IIT Mumbai play a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency, quality, and the brand’s reliability in providing textile chemicals.

Rossari attributes its success to years of steadfast efforts across all facets of its business, including product innovation, process enhancements tailored to customers’ production cycles, agile customized solutions, a sustainable and eco-friendly product portfolio, and an expanded operational scale.

Today, Rossari Biotech stands as a dominant force in the Indian specialty chemicals market, recognized as a reputable brand in the industry. The company is renowned for its customer-centric approach, distinguished by its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainable practices. Rossari Biotech remains firmly aligned with industry norms and is actively shaping a future marked by excellence, safety, and agility.