Salary-bonus paid to garment workers: BGMEA


Desk Report: BGMEA President Faruque Hassan has expressed sincere thanks to all the entrepreneurs of the garment industry for their wholehearted efforts to ensure a happy Eid-ul-Fitr by making payments to workers despite having various difficulties.

He also extended thanks and gratitude to the Honorable Minister of Road Transport and Bridges, the Honorable Commerce Ministry, the Honorable Home Minister, the Honorable Shipping Minister, the Honorable State Minister for Labour and Employment, the Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments, the law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies, labour leaders and journalists for their
cooperation in ensuring that garment workers can happily celebrate the Eid-ul-Fitr with their near and dear ones.

Earlier, BGMEA brought around 450 garment factories, which might face difficulties in paying their workers, under close monitoring and assisted them in solving their problems. At the direct intervention of BGMEA, payments to workers in 26 factories were ensured. BGMEA held discussions with the workers, owners and federation leaders, and the payment problems were resolved either by selling factories, machinery or talking to the banks concerned. Some factories were vandalized demanding advance salary of 15-20 days for the month of April and additional leave, and the demands were not in accordance with the laws.
It was the government decision to pay the full March salary and festive allowance to the workers before Eid. But the workers demanded the salary for the first 15 days of the month of April in advance. According to the Labour Law, salaries for April are to be paid within the first 7 working days of the next month — that is within 7th May. If the employer is willing and able, they may provide advance pay, but they are not obligated to do so. Despite difficulties, 1768 factories (82.19%) paid advance salaries for the month of April. Some factories were vandalized demanding extra leave (11/12 days leave) outside of the conventional trend. So-called labour leaders instigated vandalism in the factories by spreading rumours. However, with everyone’s cooperation, the problems were resolved properly.

At a glance: Salary-bonus payment situation in the RMG industry
 Total number of running factories: 2151 (1894 in Dhaka and 257 in Chattogram)
 Salaries for the month of March are paid in 100% factories
 Festival bonus was paid in 2145 factories (99.72%). The bonus payment in the rest 6 factories is in the process and has been ensured by today.

Respecting the government decision and the request of BGMEA, garment factories have started giving leave to their workers on the occasion of Eid in phases which has started on 16 April and will continue up to 20 April.
BGMEA President Faruque Hassan expressed thanks to the Governor of Bangladesh Bank and the managing directors of the scheduled banks for keeping banks open during holidays for facilitating salary-bonus payment in RMG factories.
He also thanked EPB, Chittagong Port, Chittagong Customs House, ICD Kamalapur, Dhaka Customs, Mongla Customs, Benapole Customs, Pangaon Customs House and Customs Bond Commissionerate Offices of Dhaka and Chittagong for keeping their offices open during the public holidays to ensure the smooth running of the country’s import-export activities, including the export-oriented garment industry.
Faruque Hasan called upon the government to step up vigilance to ensure that buses, trains and launches do not carry passengers beyond their capacity. He also requested the government to ensure that passengers are not transported in trucks to avoid untoward accidents during yhe Eid vacation journey.