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S&D Chemicals wins Presidential Export Award for 2018-2019


sd-awardThe tale of S & D began to unfold in 1998, blossoming with the destiny of manufacturing intermediate products to coating industry and cleaning & sanitation products targeting the healthcare and hospitality industry. The growth achieved since then is staggering. Throughout the years, its product portfolio has diversified to include various industries. The scope of the brand’s focus was extended to ventures like manufacturing and technical solutions providence to textile manufacturing industry and garment wet processing industry. S & D Chemicals have perfected final intermediate products for adhesives, sealants, surface coatings, personal care, home care, industrial chemicals for the rubber industry and for water treatment.

S&D is unique in a plethora of different facets. One such feature is the fact that it is one of the very few companies which hold different polymerization capability for Polyacrylates & copolymers, Polyurethanes and Polyamines to perform under high-pressure conditions and condensation, sulfonation & phosphonation reactions within the country. As a result, S & D Chemicals supply a selection of polymers to a variety of market segments. Another such feature which differentiates the brand is its involvement in the manufacture of herbal and natural extracts through means of spray drying, vacuum distillation and supercritical fluid extraction technologies while generating innovative fool-proof solutions for the water treatment and coating industry.

The brand has transformed into a global sensation. The products have been recognized and accepted in a plethora of countries. In addition to the manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka, offices have been established in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, Maldives and Ethiopia. The company plans to export their trademarked products to other countries, as the brand’s value appreciates with each passing year.

Speaking on behalf of this grand achievement, the Managing Director for S &D Group of Companies Dayantha De Silva proudly stated that the company’s end target is to set the bar within the multinational corporate world, and remain competitive in terms of quality and other economic aspects. The manufacturing process enters the second phase by shifting its target towards nano-structure synthesis and biotechnology. The company is continuously working towards minimizing the specific water and carbon footprints of its operations and hopes to be recognized as a carbon-neutral corporate before the end of 2025. This is a daunting challenge, and it is bound to include the manufacture of further intermediate and economically viable products.

Touching up on the achievement, the Managing Director happily claimed that “S & D Chemicals does not live for awards. We simply do what we do best, and the awards follows suit. Winning the Presidential Export Award for the second consecutive year confirms the fact that a brand can consistently excel, if the focus is given to the customers, instead of business propaganda.”