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Significant Drop of US Denim imports in last March


In the first three months of the year US imports of denim decreased significantly. For the year to date until February, US companies imported 14.32% less blue jeans – of which 97% are denim – at $497.08 million. The downturn was driven by China’s 63 percent drop to $55.77 million, with factories shut down as the nation swept COVID-19. In the first two months of the year Mexico’s largest Denim supplier has declining to US$ 91.98 million in shipments by 27.2%.

Certain suppliers in the top 10 that reported a decline in the era were: Indonesia, a decline of 34.92 percent to $9.17 million, and Nicaragua, a $13.85 million decline of 2.99 percent.

In the period there were winners in denim import sourcing, led by Bangladesh, with an increase of 39.59 per cent to $90.13 million, and Vietnam, with an increase of 30.17 per cent to $65.25 million. This leapfrogged both countries in year-to-date importations of jeans over China. Cambodia also reported a big gain in that time, with its exports to the US skyrocketing to $29.15 million from 111.48 per cent. Pakistan, Egypt and Sri Lanka also reported small gains among the top suppliers in the region.